Staff Development

The Pediatric Staff Development series was created in 2022 as a way to share resources and best practices throughout Pediatrics with both IU and IU Health staff. Topics were voted upon by staff to determine what they were most interested in hearing about and sessions are scheduled monthly.

Past Session Recordings

Topics of Discussion

Do you have a topic that you would love to hear about in one of these sessions? Want to be a content expert? Email Ashley Dummer, Communications Specialist.


Save the Date

31 Oct

Oct 31 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Pediatrics Staff Development Session: Pediatrics and the role it plays in the Academic and Medical Systems
Presenter: Brad Burbage, Vice Chair of Clinical and Academic Administration

Learn about the Department of Pediatrics and how it fits into the larger puzzle of both the academic and medical systems in play.


16 Nov

Nov 16 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Pediatric Staff Development Session: Administrative Work for Faculty Promotion and Updating CVs
Presenters: Neelam Chand and Ashley Dummer

A guide to assisting faculty in updating their CV and assisting with the faculty promotion process in the Department of Pediatrics.


2022 Sessions

Kristie Matteson and Jacqueline Boese

Faculty Recruitment & Itineraries: The Pediatric Formula for Success

Led by Kristie Matteson and Jacqueline Boese, CPRP 

Session 2 led by Kirsten Stafford

Faculty Annual Reviews - they aren't so scary

Led by Kirsten Stafford


APP Onboarding and Collaborative Practice Agreements

Led by Jackie Dorsett