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Children’s Health Services Research at Indiana University School of Medicine is one of the largest pediatric health services research centers in the United States. Faculty are supported by a large team of professional staff and project management experts.

Matthew C. Aalsma, PhD, HSPP

Professor of Pediatrics

Paul G. Biondich, MD

Professor of Pediatrics

Erika R. Cheng, PhD, MPA

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Randall W. Grout, MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Tammie L. Nelson, MPH

Research Associate in Pediatrics

Amber E. Osterholt, PhD, MS

Assistant Scientist in Pediatrics

Sarah E. Wiehe, MD, MPH

Associate Dean for Community and Translational Research

Tracey A. Wilkinson, MPH, MD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Affiliate Faculty

Zachary W. Adams, MS, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

William E. Bennett, MD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Katherine H. Chan, MD, MPH

Adjunct Associate Professor of Urology

Sarah M. Honaker, PhD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Eneida A. Mendonca, MD, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics

Nancy L. Swigonski, MD, MBA

Professor Emeritus, School of Public Health