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Faith-Based Maternal and Child Health Promotion

The Faith-based Maternal and Child Health initiative is focused on building capacity within faith-based organizations to support positive maternal and child health outcomes. This initiative focuses on building capacity in the following areas: develop positive maternal and child health messaging, develop maternal and child health programming, strengthen and equip infrastructure of faith-based organizations to support maternal and child health work, utilize and honor data and stories from the community, and build local maternal and child health resources and network.

Key Accomplishments

  • Developed partnerships with faith-based organizations in Indianapolis, La Porte and Michigan City
  • Developed methods to provide legal education and advisement to immigrant populations
  • Presented framework for building capacity in faith-based organizations to improve maternal and child health outcomes at the American Public Health Association Conference, 2022
  • Hosted a Fullbright Scholar through the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Morrocco



  • The Mosque as a Site to Foster Maternal and Child Health
  • Weekly Maternal and Child Health Messages