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Housing Equity for Infant Health Initiative

Housing is a critical determinant of maternal and child health. We are committed to securing systems changes that improve access to stable, affordable, and high-quality housing for all mothers and children in Indiana.

Our initiative has two interventions:

  • Healthy Beginnings at Home – A pilot program providing 24 months of rental assistance, housing navigation, and housing case management to pregnant women in Marion County
  • Health-Justice Intervention – A project advancing housing as a human right for mothers and their families

Healthy Beginnings at Home

Healthy Beginnings at Home (HBAH) is a pilot program providing 24 months of support to pregnant women in Marion County who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability. In addition to being recipients of this service, participants are part of our research efforts to show the impact of stable housing and social support on maternal and infant health.

Purpose of the study

To understand the effects of stable housing on health outcomes and healthcare utilization for mothers and infants.

Study structure

HBAH is a two year program for those who are enrolled.

  • Two participants are enrolled in the study and HBAH program each month.
  • The HBAH program provides:
    • Housing navigation
    • Tapering rental assistance
    • Case management.
  • Participants engage in interviews, surveys, and an optional focus group to provide insight into their strengths, current and past pregnancies, housing situation, and barriers to gaining financial stability, etc.

Who may qualify for HBAH

  • Participants must have CareSource Medicaid. If you are unsure about your Medicaid provider, please contact 1-877-GET-HIP-9 (877-438-4479) to confirm your Medicaid health plan.
  • Participants must be in their first or second trimester at the time of enrollment.
  • Participants must live in Marion County.
  • Participants must be experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

Space in the study is extremely limited. Only two participants are accepted into the study each month.

Do you qualify for HBAH?

If you are interested in the study and believe you meet the qualifying criteria listed above, please complete the short questionnaire to determine if you may qualify for HBAH.


If you have additional questions, please contact

Key Accomplishments

  • Awarded $2.4 million HRSA grant to launch Housing Equity for Infant Health Initiative
  • Grassroots MCH Leader Stephanie Caraway participated in IndyStar town hall on eviction
  • Provided skill-building sessions and resources to affordable housing communities in Indianapolis


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