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Neurodevelopment Disabilities Residency Curriculum

Upon completion of the Neurodevelopment Disabilities Residency Program, physicians are eligible for board certification in pediatrics and neurology with special certification in Child Neurology and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities.

Training Overview

Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Child Neurology
Adult Neurology 12 Months 12 Months
Clinical 18 Months 12 Months
Basic and Clinical Science 18 Months 12 Months
Time in Training 4 Years 3 Years
Board Certifications Pediatrics Neurology – CN NDD Pediatrics Neurology – CN

Sample Schedule

Sample Schedule
Year One (PGY-3)
July – December Adult Neurology Wards
January – April Adult Neurology Clinic
May – June Clinical Neurophysiology
Year Two (PGY-4)
July – August Neuroanatomy
September Neuroradiology
October – November Child Neurology Wards and Consults
December Elective
January – February Developmental Pediatrics Wards
March – May Clinical Electrophysiology
June Elective
Year Three (PGY-5)
July, May Child Neurology Wards and Consults
August Child Psychiatry
September, April, June Developmental Pediatrics Outpatient
October, March Elective
November Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
December Neurosurgery
January Developmental Pediatrics Wards
February Child Neurology Outpatient
Year Four (PGY-6)
July, February Child Neurology Wards and Consults
August, March Child Neurology Outpatient
September Behavioral Neurology Outpatient
October, May, June Behavioral Neurology Outpatient
November, January, April Developmental Pediatrics Outpatient
December Neurogenetics Clinic and Consults