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Pediatric Residency Alumni

Upon graduation, IU School of Medicine pediatric residents successfully compete for top fellowship, faculty and practice positions throughout the United States. Graduates choose a variety of pediatrics careers, including positions specializing in cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neonatal-perinatal medicine, palliative care, health services research, critical care medicine, hematology/oncology, pulmonary, rheumatology, international medicine and more.

2023 Pediatric Residency Alumni

Name  Career Plans  Location 
Christy Loke Primary Care Lebanon, IN
Maria Gamarra Primary Care Indianapolis, IN
Shifaa Alkotob Immunology Fellowship Huston, TX
JP Kelly Palliative Medicine  Detroit, MI
Audra Rougraff Gastroenterology Fellowship Indianapolis, IN
Chloe Higgins Primary Care Indianapolis, IN
Pete Wade Primary Care Indianapolis, IN
Aliya Allahwala Endocrinology Fellowship Toronto, Canada
Amanda Gu Primary Care Trafalgar, IN
Kaitlyn Edwards mic Medicine Indianapolis, IN
Monsiola Adesanya Primary Care Mount Pleasant, TX
Alexander George Primary Care Lebanon, KY
Lauren Kyrchenko Primary Care Atlanta, GA
Libby Rourke Primary Care Noblesville, IN
Mary de Laosa Fellowship Chicago, IL
Sheela Gogula Primary Care Indianapolis, IN
Ahmed Chmaisse Cardiology Fellowship Indianapolis, IN
Meagan Kelly Primary Care Indianapolis, IN
Erin Ratterman Fellowship Seattle, WA
Roshani Desai Hospitalist Kansas City, MO
Benjamin Bacon Primary Care Indianapolis, IN
Hannah DeLuna mic Medicine Indiana
Besty Stevens PEM Fellowship Indianapolis, IN
Seema Patal mic Medicine Indianapolis, IN
Carley Niehaus mic Medicine Atlanta, GA 
Nadine Al Homsi Primary Care Bloomington, IN
Alex Emerson Fellowship Nashville, TN 
Aneesha Kamath Infectious Diseases Fellowship Indianapolis, IN
Katie Krause Medicine Fellowship Milwaukee, WI 
Kaitlyn Engle Hospitalist Springfield, IL 
Maham Fatima Primary Care Indianapolis, IN 
Tom Plagge Fellowship   
Isaiah Ingram Fellowship