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Graduates of the Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program pursue careers in academic medicine, program leadership, primary care, subspecialty training, and hospital medicine across the country.

Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Graduates

What to do after completing residency?

With over 360 graduates, IU Med-Peds has a strong national presence in the Med-Peds community. Our graduates routinely go into roles in academic medicine, program leadership, primary care, subspecialty training, and hospital medicine. With our large alumni footprint, many of you may have worked with a faculty member or program leader who graduated from our program. Over the past four years, our graduating residents have accepted positions throughout 18 different states; however, many choose to stay in Indiana due to friendships and connections made, the lower cost of living, and an abundance of clinical opportunities.

44 % of graduates go on to fellowship programs, 25% work in primary care, and 31% work as hospitalists

Graduate Future Plans

  • Class of 2020
    Name  Position Location

    Nick Bartel

    Hospitalist - Nocturnist Indianapolis, IN
    Daniel Capes Fellowship - Palliative Care Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
    David Chrobak Hospitalist

    Indianapolis, IN

    Daniel Driver Hospitalist Dallas, TX
    Tim Evans Hospitalist St. Louis, MO
    Katie Gehlhausen Primary Care Jasper, IN
    Alex Kreiselman Primary Care Cincinnati, OH
    Kensey Pease Primary Care

    Dallas, TX

    Derek Pinkerton Fellowship - Combined Nephrology Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
    Torsten Schreiber Hospitalist - Adult & Newborn Indianapolis, IN
    Blair Suter Fellowship - Cardiology University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
    Gloria Tran Hospitalist San Diego, CA
    Jessie Ullman Hospitalist Baltimore, MD

  • Class of 2019
    Name  Position Location
    Jen Anderson Hospitalist Indianapolis, IN
    Mark Bickers Primary Care Floyd Knobs, IN
    Sean DeLacey Fellowship - Pediatric Endocrinology Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
    Mary Erickson Primary Care Minneapolis, MN
    Utsav Goel Hospitalist Greeley, CO
    Chris Green Primary Care Lebanon, IN
    Karlie Hopkins Fellowship - Pediatric Cardiology Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
    Chris Lehmann Fellowship - Combined Infectious Disease University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
    Cristina Perez Fellowship - Adult Rheumatology Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
    Helen Pruitt Primary Care Bowling Green, KY
    Angela Quain Fellowship - Pediatric Cardiology University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
    Katherine Tison Fellowship - Allergy/Immunology Emory University, Atlanta, GA
    Jacob Wagner Hospitalist Indianapolis, IN
    Lujia Zhang Hospitalist Indianapolis, IN

  • Class of 2018
    Name  Position Location
    Hassan Ahmad Fellowship - Allergy/Immunology Rush University, Chicago, IL
    Tyler Fromm Primary Care Avon, IN
    Tobin Greensweig Fellowship - Adult Critical Care Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
    Becca Kapolka Fellowship - Adult Pulmonology/Critical Care Emory University, Atlanta, GA
    Joe Lamb Hospitalist Seymour, IN
    Karmann McHaffie Hospitalist Indianapolis, IN
    Dana Meyer Primary Care Chevy Chase, MD
    Will Sears Fellowship - Infectious Disease National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD
    Michelle Torbeck Hospitalist Dallas, TX
    Joe Vormohr Primary Care Portland, IN
    Kasper Warrick Hospitalist San Diego, CA
    Erika Zevin Fellowship - Pediatric Endocrinology University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Current locations of 2018 internal medicine-pediatrics residency graduates