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Inclusive Environment

focus areas

Culture and Leadership

Long-term sustainable DEIJ efforts require a shift from focusing on hitting particular diversity goals to managing cultural change. DEIJ committees and councils help create strategic accountability for results, provide governance and oversight on DEIJ efforts, and promote communication on progress.

People and Spaces

A fundamental feature of burgeoning DEIJ work is the establishment of communities and spaces that foster a sense of belonging.

Clinical Learning Environment

IU School of Medicine strives to provide a positive, inclusive environment that is conducive to teaching and learning, and is the embodiment of our core values of excellence, respect, integrity, diversity and cooperation. All members of the IU School of Medicine community are expected to uphold the tenets of the Honor Code. In maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, IU School of Medicine is committed to responding in a systematic manner to incidents of student and trainee mistreatment and violations of the Honor Code and Teacher-Learner Conduct Policy.

Inclusive Teaching

Inclusive teaching is a set of strategies and approaches that seek to address the needs of learners with a variety of backgrounds, learning modalities, and abilities. These strategies and approaches contribute to an overall inclusive learning environment in which all learners perceive to be valued and able to succeed. IU School of Medicine GME strives to foster inclusive teaching through the Resident as Teacher program. This program provides residents with foundational knowledge and skills to be effective teachers in the clinical learning environment. The program features a special emphasis on teaching residents how to build a working knowledge of evidence-based and inclusive teaching strategies. The Resident as Teacher course and curriculum is open to anyone to explore by signing up as a "guest."