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Honor Code

Embarking on a career in the life sciences and health care professions means accepting the responsibilities and unique privileges of these professions. These include self-monitoring and self-governance, and the responsibilities for these professional duties begin the moment that an individual starts medical school or graduate school. I understand that it is a great honor and privilege to study and work in the health care profession.

As a member of the Indiana University School of Medicine community, I promise to uphold the highest standards of ethical and compassionate behavior while learning, caring for others, performing research, and/or participating in educational activities. I do so according to the following tenets that will guide me through my career. I will strive to uphold the spirit and the letter of this code during my years at Indiana University School of Medicine and throughout my career in the health professions.

Honor Code

Learners or educators who want to print a copy of the IU School of Medicine Honor Code for reference or to submit a signed copy can download it here.

Download the Honor Code


  • I will maintain the highest standards of honesty.
  • If engaged in research, I will conduct these activities in an unbiased manner, report the results truthfully, and credit ideas developed and worked on by others.
  • If engaged in patient care, I will be considerate and truthful, and will accurately report all historical and physical findings, test results, and other pertinent information.


  • I will conduct myself professionally.
  • I will take responsibility for what I say and do.
  • I will recognize my own limitations and will seek help when appropriate.


  • I will respect the dignity of others, treating them with civility and understanding.
  • I will contribute to creating a safe and supportive atmosphere for teaching and learning.
  • I will regard privacy and confidentiality as core obligations.
  • I will not tolerate discrimination.

Indiana University School of Medicine promises to create a professional environment that fosters excellence, abhors intolerance, and values each individual’s unique contribution to our learning community.

Where to Report Honor Code Violations

All members of the IU School of Medicine community are expected to uphold the tenets of the Honor Code. To maintain the highest standards of professionalism, IU School of Medicine responds in a systematic manner to incidents of student mistreatment and violations of the Honor Code and Teacher-Learner Conduct Policy. IU School of Medicine students or faculty who believe they’ve experienced or witnessed an honor code violation are strongly encouraged to report it. The primary and preferred method of reporting mistreatment or a professionalism issue is through the online IU School of Medicine Ombuds Contact Form. The Ombuds will respond within 3-5 business days to request for an initial consultation.

Exemplar of Professionalism Honor Roll

IU School of Medicine has an extraordinary community of colleagues, and the Exemplar of Professionalism Honor Roll is an exciting new award to recognize those at the school who embody the core values of excellence, respect, integrity, diversity and cooperation. Celebrating positive role models who uphold the IU School of Medicine Honor Code in their daily interactions, the Exemplar designation is designed to recognize faculty, residents, fellows, students and staff members.