Learn about policies and guidelines, including standards of professional conduct and behavior by faculty, staff and students at IU School of Medicine.

Policies and Guidelines

Indiana University School of Medicine develops physicians committed to a lifetime of service to the health needs of individuals. Such service demands adherence to the highest standards of professional conduct and behavior. In this context,

  • Faculty, medical students and graduate medical students have a responsibility to provide care to all assigned patients, regardless of diagnosis.
  • Faculty members have a special responsibility to set an example for the standards of ethical behavior and attitudes related to the practice of medicine.
  • Medical students are properly trained in standard precautions and transmissions-based precautions prior to providing care, under proper supervision, to all assigned patients.
  • Failure to accept such responsibility is contrary to the ethics inherent in the practice of medicine.
Ethics, Integrity and Compliance

Following our Core Values

Embarking on a career in the life sciences, medicine, and other health care professions is a privilege that carries lifelong moral and ethical responsibilities that begin the moment an individual becomes a member of the academic medicine community. Developed by students and endorsed by IU School of Medicine faculty, staff, leadership and administration, the Honor Code outlines the core values governing research, education, and clinical practice that all IU School of Medicine community members are expected to uphold.

Honor Code

Medical Students

Managed by the Office of Medical Student Education, the following policies and standards apply to all IU School of Medicine MD students.

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Industry Relations Policy

The School’s relationships among faculty and private industry must be clearly defined and appropriate to guide and govern collaborations.

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Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office is a resource for learners and faculty to address concerns, complaints and disputes with an impartial third-party in a safe environment.

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Residents and Fellows

Residents and Fellows

Residents and fellows are preparing for a career that demands the highest standards of honor, ethics, and professional behavior and appearance. IU School of Medicine residents and fellows voluntarily place themselves under the rules and regulations of the University, the School, and affiliated hospitals—and agree to abide by them. Policies and guidelines that govern IU School of Medicine residents and fellows are available on the GME Portal of MedNet.

MedNet GME Portal

School Support

IU School of Medicine has the responsibility to help address fears and prejudices that faculty, students and other personnel in the School may have. To carry out this responsibility, IU School of Medicine will

  • Provide accurate information to applicants regarding personal risks inherent in the practice of medicine.
  • Provide training in accepted measures to prevent exposure to or transmission of infectious agents in health care settings.
  • Provide additional education and counseling to individuals apprehensive about participating in educational programs or patient care activities.
  • Provide appropriate equipment to minimize the risk of infection with infectious agents.
  • Ensure that policies exist to monitor adherence to institutional guidelines for prevention and infection control.
  • Ensure that procedures are established in the event of accidental exposure.

Sunshine Act

In compliance with the 2010 Physician Payments Sunshine Act, IU School of Medicine provides physician and industry partnership information to the Open Payments Website, an initiative of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services, in order to increase transparency of relationships and financial exchanges between health care providers, industry partners and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Sunshine Act