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Sample Curriculum

The curriculum of the Clinician-Educator Training Pathway provides trainees with the knowledge, skills, and professional preparation needed for a career as a clinician-educator. Focus areas include career development, teaching strategies, education leadership, education research and building a community of educators.

Year One

Topic Speaker
Orientation Drs. Kane, Dilly
Adult learning theory Sara Kane (neonatology)
Mentoring in medical education Mary Ciccarelli (med-peds)
Simulation in medical education  Rami Ahmed (emergency medicine)
The career of a clinician-educator Gabe Bosslet (pulmonary/critical care medicine)
Diversity and inclusion Alvaro Tori (pediatric critical care medicine)
Use of technology in teaching Adam Maksl (journalism and media)
Survey design and its tools Sally Mitchell (anesthesia)
Introduction to education scholarship Dimitrios Stefanidis (surgery)
Teaching clinical reasoning Joseph Turner (emergency medicine)
Teaching clerkship-level students Bob Vu (internal medicine)
Curriculum plan presentations Group and coaches

Year Two

Topic Speaker
Education scholarship – What? Why? How? Anne Walling (professor emerita, University of Kansas family medicine)
Peer review of teaching Krista Hoffman-Longtin (communications studies)
Feedback Julie Vannerson (internal medicine)
Lecturing – How to make our next talk more engaging and how to deliver our message more effectively Bart Besinger (emergency medicine)
The hidden curriculum – How the hidden curriculum perpetuates inequities in medicine and the biases of preceptors Sacha Sharp (education specialist for internal medicine)
Program evaluation – Discuss several models for program evaluation Laura Torbeck (vice chair for education in surgery)
Assessment – Introduction to different types of assessment and why we might want to use them Jen Schwartz (internal medicine)
Setting expectations and building the clinical learning environment Bobbi Byrne (neonatology, vice chair for education in pediatrics)
How to publish a QI project Meghan Drayton-Jackson (pediatric hem/onc)
Bedside teaching – best practices Graham Carlos (pulmonary/critical care medicine)
Peer review of a manuscript Christen Dilly (adult GI)
Graduation! Paul Wallach (executive associate dean for education)


Year Synchronous Asynchronous Product
Year 1 Monthly skill-building workshops Curriculum development modules Curriculum plan
Project coaching  
Year 2
Scholarship project
Peer review of teaching Reflection
All participants Career development
Membership in community of educators
Resource for the IU School of Medicine community (committees, peer coaching, small group facilitators, etc.)