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Nature Masterclasses Learning Resources

Professional development training to build skills, confidence and careers in research

Nature Masterclasses are on-demand resources that share techniques and strategies to help you develop or refine your skills and confidence across a range of essential research activities, including:

  • A woman performs data analysisgrant writing
  • publishing
  • networking
  • data analysis
  • experiment design
  • securing funding
  • scientific writing
  • peer review
  • research collaboration
  • career development
  • and more…

Nature Masterclasses online courses are specifically designed to be used on your schedule and at your rhythm. They are bite-sized (most lessons are 20 minutes or shorter), so you can dip in and out during natural gaps in your work. Researchers can choose their own learning path — whether that is working through a course in order or choosing individual modules to complete.

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An Introduction to Nature Masterclasses

This three-minute video offers a concise overview of Nature Masterclasses.

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How to Access Nature Masterclasses

Anyone with an IU login is eligible to access the Nature Masterclasses.

Register by selecting Indiana University from the list of organizations and use your CAS single sign-on institutional login.

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Featured Course
A scientist writes a research paper

Writing a Research Paper

To ensure that the research findings in which you have invested so much effort have an impact on your scientific community, it is critical that the paper you write is informative, concise, well-structured and engaging. This course will introduce you to powerful narrative tools and principles of scientific writing.

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