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Excellence in Faculty Mentoring 

Mentoring among faculty at IU School of Medicine is crucial in sustaining a vital faculty community, promoting faculty development and increasing faculty retention. The Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Awards at IU School of Medicine underscore the commitment to endorse mentoring within our faculty. The purpose is to recognize the outstanding mentoring efforts of one clinical and one basic science faculty member each year who actively mentor other faculty members and learners. These prestigious awards acknowledge the time and dedication faculty mentors devote to fostering colleagues' and learners' career development and academic success in research, education, service and clinical practice. In addition, these awards allow IU School of Medicine to honor and celebrate the valuable efforts of faculty mentors who embody the spirit of mentoring.

Nominate a candidate

Nominations will open May 1st and are due June 10th. Winners will be announced at the Fall All School Meeting.

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Current Winners

2023 basic science awardee
1931-White, Kenneth

Kenneth E. White, PhD

Chancellor's Professor

Read Bio Kenneth E. White, PhD

2023 clinical awardee
5089-Sachs, Greg

Greg Sachs, MD

Department of Medicine Professor of Health Services Research

Read Bio Greg Sachs, MD

Award Recognition

Two recipients per year will be selected: one clinical faculty and one basic science faculty. Each award recipient will be honored with a monetary award, enter the “Society of Faculty Mentors,” and be highlighted on the FAPD website.

Criteria for Award

The awards are designed to honor faculty mentors in the IU School of Medicine community who exemplify truly extraordinary selflessness as they support and contribute to the career development and advancement of other faculty members and learners (students, residents, fellows and postdocs). Faculty mentors selected for this award must demonstrate a continued commitment to fostering the intellectual, creative, scholarly and professional development of their mentees.  Candidates are assessed on their extent, quality and effectiveness in mentoring.

Individual faculty mentoring awards will be given to two faculty members (one clinical and one basic scientist) who consistently demonstrate five or more of the following:

  • Offer sound counsel and valuable information to their mentees to advance and develop the mentee’s path to academic and professional success. 
  • Generously share their valuable time to be accessible to their mentees. 
  • Impart guidance and expertise in encouraging and critiquing the mentee’s research, teaching, and scholarly works. 
  • Involve peers and mentees in publications, grants, and conferences and readily share knowledge of such opportunities. 
  • Encourage and include mentees in networking activities with other professionals. 
  • Promote and make others aware of the contributions and value of their mentees. 
  • Serve as role models for their colleagues by maintaining high standards for excellence with their discipline and the institution. 
  • Display evidence of mentees completing their projects (e.g., grants, publications, promotional goals). 
  • Be a recognized scholar with demonstrated success in their area of expertise. 
  • Help to create a vital faculty and support an engaged academic community at IU School of Medicine.

Eligibility for Nomination

Any full or part-time faculty member in the IU School of Medicine is eligible for nomination for one of the two faculty mentoring awards. Any faculty member or learner (student, resident, fellow or postdoc) can submit a nomination. In most cases, an individual faculty or learner would nominate their current or previous mentor; however, fellow faculty members who admire the mentoring efforts of their colleagues may drive the nomination process and solicit letters from the candidate’s mentees. An award may be conferred only once to a faculty mentor. The nominations remain active for three years. Candidates will be permitted to update their nomination materials and are encouraged to do so, but updates are not required.

Nomination Packet and Procedures

There will be an open call for nominations in newsletters, electronic list serves, and via the FAPD website. Nominations should be submitted via the button below.

The nomination packet must include:

  • No more than a two (2) page typed nomination letter for the candidate must be submitted and should include the following:
    • Indicate whether the nomination is for the clinical or basic scientist mentor award.
    • Provide a testimonial of how the candidate has mentored and shaped the careers of their mentees in terms of specific behaviors, interactions, accomplishments and their related significance.
    • Review the criteria above as a guide.
  • Two to three letters of support: at least one from a former or current mentee and one from the candidate’s chair, director, or professional colleague(s). The letters should provide examples of how the candidate has excelled at mentoring and the impact their mentoring efforts have had on the career development and success of other faculty.
  • A copy of the CV for the mentee(s) submitting a letter of nomination or support. Please specifically identify which items were influenced by the mentoring efforts of the candidate.
  • A copy of the candidate’s CV (or NIH bio sketch).

Nominate a candidate

Selection Committee

Nominations will be reviewed, and a winner selected by the members of the Faculty Development Coordinating Committee.


Nominations due June 10th via the online nomination form.

Award winners will be announced at the Fall All School Meeting.

Past Winners

2022 Basic Science Matthew R. Allen, PhD, Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology,Adjunct Professor of Medicine,Adjunct Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
2022 Clinical Michael G. Moore, MD, Arilla Spence DeVault Professor of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
2021 Basic Science Hal Broxmeyer, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Mary Margaret Walther Professor Emeritus, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, Professor of Medicine
2021 Clinical Alexia M. Torke, MD, Professor of Medicine, Associate Director, Indiana University Center for Aging Research, Regenstrief Institute, Director, Daniel F. Evans Center for Spiritual and Religious Values in Healthcare, Fellowship Director, Fairbanks Center for Medical Ethics, Associate Division Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine & Geriatrics.
2020 Basic Science Carmella Evans-Molina, MD, PhD, Director of Indiana Diabetes Research Center, Director of the Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, Co-Executive Director, Network for Pancreatic Organ Donors with Diabetes (nPOD), Eli Lilly and Company Professor of Pediatric Diabetes and more.
2020 Clinical
Kurt Kroenke, MD, Chancellor's Professor at IUPUI, Research Scientist of Indiana University Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research, Regenstrief Institute, Inc., and Professor of Medicine.
2019 Basic Science
Todd C. Skaar, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology and Adjunct Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics
2019 Clinical
Aaron E. Carroll, MD, Associate Dean for Research Mentoring, Bicentennial Professor, Professor of Pediatrics, Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research Director, Vice Chair for Health Outcomes Research Faculty Development, Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Comparative Effectiveness Research Director and Associate Dean for Research Mentoring
2018 Basic Science
Claire E. Walczak, PhD, Assistant Director of Research, Medical Sciences Program, Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Medical Sciences Program
2018 Clinical
Sara Jo Grethlein, MD, BS, Professor of Clinical Medicine, Service Line Leader, Hematology and Oncology
2017 Basic Science
Stanley M. Spinola, MD, Chair and Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
2017 Clinical
Daniel E. Rusyniak, MD, Professor of Emergency Medicine
2016 Basic Science
Mark H. Kaplan, PhD, Billie Lou Wood Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
2016 Clinical
Julie L. Welch, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
2015 Basic Science
Raghu G. Mirmira, MD, PhD, Director, Diabetes Research Center, Eli Lilly and Company Professor of Pediatric Diabetes, Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Medicine
2015 Clinical
Paul R. Helft, MD, Professor of Medicine
2014 Basic Science
David B. Burr, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, IUPUI, Distinguished Professor, Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
2014 Clinical
Mary R. Ciccarelli, MD, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Professor of Clinical Medicine