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Inclusive Research Laboratory Award

This award celebrates a faculty member who has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to fostering an inclusive, supportive and enriching laboratory environment, one who actively cultivates a culture of belonging, where all members feel empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and collaborate freely. The recipient's mentorship, advocacy and equitable practices have created a vibrant, diverse and intellectually stimulating laboratory space that exemplifies the values of inclusive excellence.

Nominate a candidate

Nominations are open May 1 through June 10. Winners will be announced at the fall All-School Meeting.

Nomination Form

Award Recognition

One awardee per year will be selected.

The award recipient will:

  • Receive a monetary award of $1,500, provided by the Center of Inclusive Excellence
  • Be highlighted on this page of the Faculty Affairs and Professional Development (FAPD) website
  • Be recognized at the fall IU School of Medicine All-School Meeting



The awardee is a faculty member who:

  • Recruits, encourages, supports and sponsors trainees, learners, staff and other faculty from all backgrounds
  • Demonstrates a philosophy that promotes a scientific community that is diverse and inclusive

The strongest nominations will include evidence about how the faculty member:

  • Creates a climate that is welcoming
  • Ensures that opportunities are distributed equitably and works to eliminate barriers
  • Fosters an environment of acceptance, inclusion and understanding, where diverse viewpoints are welcomed as an asset
  • Creates a culture of respect and inclusion, cultural awareness and community involvement
  • Is reflective about their implicit biases and acts to avoid them



Those eligible for nomination include all Indiana University School of Medicine faculty members, regardless of rank, who:

  • have been employed for a minimum of 12 months
  • conduct basic science research
  • have not received this award in the past



Nomination Details

  • Any faculty member, trainee, learner or staff member may submit a nomination.
  • Nominations will remain active for a three-year period.
    • Candidates will be permitted to update their nomination materials and are encouraged to do so, but updates are not required.


Nomination Procedure

There will be an open call for nominations in newsletters, electronic listservs and via the FAPD website. Nominations will be submitted by clicking on the nomination button at the bottom or top-right of this page of the FAPD website.


Nomination Packet

The nomination packet must include:

  • Nominee name and contact information
  • Nominator name and contact information
  • A typed letter of nomination, no longer than two pages, describing how the faculty member meets the award criteria
  • A copy of the candidate’s CV
  • At least one letter of support from the candidate’s chair, director or a professional colleague
    • Letters should provide examples of how the candidate has excelled at creating an inclusive research laboratory environment.



The Faculty Development Coordinating Committee will serve as the selection committee for this award. Members of this committee will review nominations and select the winner.



  • Nominations will be open May 1 through June 10.
  • Award winners will be announced at the fall IU School of Medicine All-School Meeting. 

Nominate a Candidate