Graduate Medical Education

Residency Programs

Resident physicians at IU School of Medicine benefit from a wide range of clinical experience at the School’s partner institutions throughout the state of Indiana. These teaching hospitals and health networks offer vital access to a large a diverse patient population. Major teaching venues in the downtown Indianapolis area consist of three major hospital affiliate systems, which include five facilities that provide tertiary as well as quaternary care. These hospitals are conveniently located on the same campus and easily accessible via the IU Health shuttle service.

Anesthesia ResidencyDr. Jennifer Stewart
General Dentistry ResidencyDr. Melanie Peterson
Maxillofacial Prosthetics ResidencyDr. John Levon
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery ResidencyDr. Joseph Heidelman
Pediatric Dentistry ResidencyDr. Brian Sanders
Dermatology ResidencyDr. Nidhi Avashia-Khemka
Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine ResidencyDr. Butch Humbert
Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics ResidencyDr. Debra Rusk
Family Medicine
Family Medicine ResidencyDr. Jacqueline Nonweiler-Parr
Family Medicine Residency at IU Health ArnettDr. Kishan Patel
Family Medicine Residency at Memorial HospitalDr. Gerald Stroud
Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine ResidencyDr. Mitch Goldman
Southwest Indiana Internal Medicine ResidencyDr. Robert Ficalora
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics ResidencyDr. Tim Brady
Medical and Molecular Genetics
Medical Genetics ResidencyDr. Gail Habegger Vance
Neurological Surgery
Neurological SurgeryDr. Scott Shapiro
Neurology ResidencyDr. Karen Roos
Child NeurologyDr. Laurence Walsh
Obstetrics and Gynecology ResidencyDr. Anthony Shanks
Ophthalmology ResidencyDr. Charline Boente
Orthopaedic Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery ResidencyDr. Brian Mullis
Otolaryngology ResidencyDr. Taha Shipchandler
Anatomic and Clinical Pathology ResidencyDr. Matthew Kuhar
Pediatrics ResidencyDr. Jerry Rushton
Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics ResidencyDr. Debra Rusk
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics ResidencyDr. Tim Brady
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities ResidencyDr. Thomas Lock
Pediatrics/Psychiatry/Child Psychiatry Residency (Triple Board)Dr. David Dunn
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities ResidencyDr. Thomas Lock
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation ResidencyDr. Nathan Prahlow
Pediatrics/Psychiatry/Child Psychiatry Residency (Triple Board)Dr. David Dunn
Psychiatry ResidencyDr. Michael DeMotte
Vincennes Psychiatry ResidencyDr. Allie Thomas-Fannin
Psychology Internship ProgramDr. Ann Lagges
Clinical Neuropsychology ResidencyDr. Frederick Unverzagt
Radiation Oncology
Radiation Oncology ResidencyDr. Susannah Ellsworth 
Medical Physics ResidencyDr. Colleen DesRosiers
Diagnostic Radiology ResidencyDr. Aaron Kamer
Diagnostic Imagining Physics ResidencyYun Liang, PhD
General Surgery ResidencyDr. Jennifer Choi
General Vascular Surgery and Vascular Surgery Integrated ResidencyDr. Raghu Motaganahalli
Cardiothoracic Surgery ResidencyDr. Mark Turrentine
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ResidencyDr. William A. Wooden
Transitional Year
Transitional Year Residency ProgramDr. Cory Pitre
Urology ResidencyDr. Chandru Sundaram