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The Arnett Family Medicine Residency is a community-based program that prepares family medicine residents to provide patient-centered care for individuals, families and the community.
a group of 15 diverse residents wearing white coats stand together on a staircase

Family Medicine Residency at IU Health Arnett


The Indiana University School of Medicine Arnett Family Medicine Residency program at Indiana University Health Arnett Hospital is a three-year program within the expansive IU School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education. Launched in 2018, the program facilitates learning across the continuum of care with its distinctive longitudinal curriculum model. As an unopposed, community-based program, family medicine residents are prepared to provide patient-centered care through multidisciplinary efforts that integrate comprehensive team-based care and population health approaches for individuals, families and the community. 

Residents receive the opportunity to participate in both outpatient and inpatient learning as well as subspecialty tracks if desired. During the three years, most learning opportunities occur on a one-on-one basis with the attending physicians. As residents rotate through their curriculum rotations, they have the unique opportunity to help develop and shape the residency program through routine feedback with faculty and program administration.

While being an Indiana University School of Medicine residency site in a community setting outside of Indianapolis has created autonomy during the program's development, being part of a large, nationally recognized medical school has provided us with guidance and all the resources to help during our growth. 

Program Information

Get to know the people, places and culture of the Arnett Family Medicine Residency program.

Please enjoy getting to the know the people of the Arnett Family Medicine Residency program and make sure to view our virtual clinic tour video.

Message from the Program Director

Welcome to the IU School of Medicine Arnett Family Medicine Residency!

This June the Arnett residency celebrated our third graduating class! I am amazed at the passion, support, and confidence these inaugural groups of residents have given the program. With the effort and uncertainty which can be associated with a new program (and then throw in a pandemic) it is inspiring what they have accomplished

Demonstrating the strength of our program, our three graduating classes have had 100% board pass rate. We have had graduates stay in the Greater Lafayette area, Indiana, and scatter across the US and Canada. Additionally, our graduates have pursued beyond just outpatient medicine, with some practicing as hospitalists, urgent care physicians, Fellowship trained Geriatricians, and outpatient/inpatient physicians. 

Over the past six years there has been amazing support and culture created within the residency. A family like atmosphere has been present since the beginning. While each day can bring new challenges and frustrations, I am always excited to have the opportunity to work with this team, tackle what needs to be done, and have the chance to celebrate when we meet our goals. The challenges we have experienced, and may experience in the future, are only conquered through a commitment to feedback from residents and insight through their experiences.

Initially starting as core faculty in 2017 and then transitioning to Program Director in 2020, I am privileged to be a member of this team. I am thrilled with the prospect of leading a program and love working with an incredible group of residents, clinical and office staff, and faculty. Through all our hard work, it is wonderful to have expanded medical education opportunities in the Greater Lafayette area, create an innovative longitudinal schedule, and see the growth and development of our resident physicians.

Family Medicine Residency in Lafayette

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