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Residents in the Family Medicine Residency rotate at IU Health Arnett Hospital and clinics in the Greater Lafayette area.
photo of the IU Health Arnett Hospital


IU Health Arnett

Residents with the Indiana University School of Medicine Arnett Family Medicine Residency have their rotations in three areas in Indiana. Almost all rotation time is spent at IU Health Arnett Hospital and the surrounding IU Health clinics in the Greater Lafayette area. The residency and residency clinic are located in the Medical Office Building attached to IU Health Arnett hospital, allowing for seamless learning between in-patient care, obstetrics care, and ambulatory care. Outside of the Greater Lafayette area residents spend part of their ER rotation time in a critical access emergency room in Monticello at the IU Health White Memorial Hospital. Residents also travel to Indianapolis to spend part of their inpatient pediatric rotations at Riley Hospital for Children, allowing for the contrasting experiences of working in a community hospital pediatric unit at IU Health Arnett as well as a large tertiary-care pediatric unit at Riley Hospital. While rotating at Riley Hospital for Children, residents integrate completely into the pediatric team and are not required to travel back to Arnett for clinic or didactics and are even provided with housing for the duration of the rotation.

waiting room in a hospital

Family Medicine Center

The IU School of Medicine Arnett Family Medicine Center is a new, state-of-the-art ambulatory care clinic with 20 patient rooms. The Family Medicine Center emphasizes team based care, and residents work alongside clinical preceptors, support staff, nurse practitioners, dieticians, pharmacy, and behavioral health, all with one goal—the patient. Residents at Arnett benefit from a clinic that seamlessly transitions between in-person and virtual clinic visits, increasing access and satisfaction to our patients. Residents also have the opportunity to practice osteopathic manipulative treatment with two osteopathic-trained faculty preceptors on staff.

an ambulatory care room at IU Health Arnett
a unique piece of equipment at the family medicine clinic

Ambulatory Procedures

Another benefit of the IU School of Medicine Arnett Family Medicine Center is its robust twice weekly procedure clinic. Residents rotate one-on-one with a clinical preceptor in a procedure clinic that accepts referral from clinics across the IU Health West Central Region.

Dermatology: Cryotherapy, skin biopsies (punch, shave, and excisional), sebaceous cyst and lipoma removals, abscess incision and drainage.

Gynecology: Intrauterine and implantable contraception insertion and removal, colposcopy.

Sports Medicine: Joint, fascial, and bursal injections, with the opportunity to gain experience using ultrasound.

Podiatry: Partial and full toenail removal, ingrown toenail removal.