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residents from the arnett program take a selfie in front of a brick wall.

Resident Wellness and Resiliency

IU School of Medicine Arnett Family Medicine Residency prides itself in developing a curriculum that focuses on resident physician wellness and resiliency. We feel that resident physicians that can unwind and recharge are better able to deliver on our promise and provide excellent patient care.

portrait of jasmin poonia

Chair of Residency Wellness and Resiliency

New to the Arnett Family Medicine Residency in 2021, the Chair of Residency Wellness and Resiliency will work in concert with our Wellness Faculty Lead to develop resident wellness half days, educational wellness session during didactics, and serve as a resource to all residents in need. 

Jasmin Poonia, Class of 2023, will serve as our first Chair of Residency Wellness and Resiliency. We are very excited for the upcoming year and the initiatives that Dr. Poonia will be able to enact to enhance the well-being of our entire residency family.

a resident at a professional development event

Professional Development

Our faculty are passionate about the concept that one family medicine career is not the same as another, and doing what we love is a key to physician wellness. Therefore, from the beginning of intern year through graduation residents are paired with a faculty advisor and meet with their advisor at least quarterly. During these meetings, residents develop six month personal and professional goals, discuss career interests and fostering these interests during residency, and analyze the resident’s well-being since the last quarterly meeting.

Wellness Action Plan

As part of our Physician Wellness Curriculum, all residents develop, update, and review a wellness action plan through educational sessions with our Faculty Lead as well as during quarterly meetings with their advisor. This function similar to an asthma action plan – what does it look like when you are in the “green”, “yellow”, and “red” zones? Our goal – to intervene early when resident wellness is challenge and be proactive about maintaining resident well-being.

Physician Wellness Didactic Series

Throughout all three years of residency as part of our weekly Residency Didactics, residents partake in a series of lectures designed to educate and empower wellness. Along with education sessions on developing and implementing a wellness action plan, residents receive education on resiliency, receiving and giving feedback, stress relief exercises, cognitive behavioral therapy, and cognitive flexibility.

residents participate in an escape room together

Wellness Sessions

Residents at Arnett Family Medicine Residency meet with our clinical psychologist for balint group sessions monthly, focusing on topics such as transitioning into residency and challenges of being a resident and physician. In addition, residents have a dedicated wellness half-day every quarter dedicated to promoting resident wellness by engaging in a fun and educational group activity.

Here for You

IU School of Medicine takes the well-being and mental health of all resident physicians very seriously. The Department of Mental Health Services provides free and confidential mental health and personal counseling services to every IU School of Medicine resident.

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