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Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research and Policy

Working at the intersection of science and health care delivery.

The Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research and Policy is named in honor of Otis R. Bowen, MD, former Governor of Indiana, Secretary of Health and Human Services for the United States, Chair of the National Governors Association, and committed family medicine physician.

Through collaborations with state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, academic partners, health professionals, employers, and community advocates, the Bowen Center contributes to analyzing complex health workforce issues and informing related policy and programming.

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A venn diagram showing the bowen center mission, values, vision and commitments. It reads "Mission: to inform health workforce policy that advances health equity through translational research, committed service, and collaborative leadership. Values: Integrity, stewardship, engagement. Commitments: Equity, transparency, collaboration. Vision: Inform policy. Align initiatives. Advance health."

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The Bowen Center offers information and expert technical assistance, and research expertise on health workforce related issues for evaluations, original research, strategic planning, etc. Access our portfolio of projects and library of resources on the Bowen Portal for more information.

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It is at the center of everything we do. We rely on it because it is impartial and informative. Data is crucial in helping inform researchers and policymakers about the health workforce.

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We keep a finger on the pulse of state policies and programs related to the health workforce and provide rapid response policy research to stakeholders who may be looking for more than numbers.

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Our collections include numerous health workforce focused initiatives, projects, and studies. We work hard to ensure the findings of our work are readily accessible through the Bowen Center’s digital library.

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Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

We believe that objective data is critical to informed policy.

We know that informed policy has the power to influence the landscape of our state’s health workforce, health care delivery, and patient health.

We have confidence that informed policy can lead to enhanced health care equity and improved quality of care.

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Program Leadership

Director - Bowen Center for health Workforce Research & policy
12417-Maxey, Hannah

Hannah L. Maxey, PhD, MPH, RDH

Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Read Bio Hannah L. Maxey, PhD, MPH, RDH

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At the intersection of health sciences and health systems, which includes health care delivery and public health, the health workforce is a keystone of patient and population health and represents a range of professions that share a common goal: supporting, securing, and protecting population health.

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