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Resident Family

The Transitional Year Residency attracts outstanding physicians with a variety of backgrounds and interests. The current residency class represents 6 medical schools (from 5 states/countries) and 5 specialties. Additionally, the residency values the IU School of Medicine’s investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our faculty and residents actively work to maintain a welcoming environment for all, and a large network of residency alumni practices both across the country and here at IU School of Medicine.
Transitional Year

Current Residents

Lucendia Adams, MD

Univ of Illinois College of Med - Rockford

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Alex Bennett, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin

Radiation Oncology

Becky Colwell, MD

Univ of Wisconsin School of Med & Public Health


Hannah Conley, MD

Univ of Kentucky College of Medicine


Clarissa Hanna, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine


Hannah Jones, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine


Anish Karlapudi, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine


Shannon Killeen, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Erica Kubascik, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine


Samantha Kultgen, MD

Univ of Wisconsin School of Med & Public Health

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Amanda Lima, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine


Joey Madden, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine


Chrislene Olukoga, MD

American Univ of Antigua College of Med


Cam Smock, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Lindsey Wood, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine


Graduate Testimonials

  • Bobby Bednarek, '16
    "If I had the chance, I would 100% of the time pick IU Methodist Transitional Year Program again.  One of the best years of residency that prepares you for whatever your advanced specialty will be, while also incorporating a great work/life balance.  I met an incredible group of people in my class that I still keep in touch with, even despite being in different specialties."
  • Tate Saurey, '20
    "I was drawn to IU because of it's excellent reputation and by how smart, grounded, and happy the residents and faculty were when I met them on the interview trail.  I'm glad that I followed my instincts with this program because I absolutely loved my time in Indy! If you're wondering if the program director and assistant program director could possibly be as nice as they appear on interview day, the answer is yes!"
  • Alexandra Levitt, '17
    "My TY year in Indianapolis was one of the best of my life. Not only did I meet a great group of lifelong friends, but the flexibility of the program allowed me to tailor my curriculum to explore my specific areas of interest. Not only did I have a great time, but I was ready to hit the ground running as a PGY-2."
  • Allison Rixey, '18
    "IU's Transitional Year allowed me to experience rotations that I didn't have a chance to do in med school before beginning radiology residency. Having a wide variety of specialty rotations has been so helpful as a radiologist. I was exposed to what different specialties need from an imaging standpoint and that has been so beneficial during my interactions with clinicians. I would recommend this TY to everyone!"
  • Mike Nunez, '19
    "The TY at IU Methodist is a hidden gem. The culture of helping residents prepare for their advanced programs is evident and the different elective opportunities are unique. The faculty really cares, and the environment is second to none. In simple terms, I would do it again no questions asked."
  • Patty Ojeda, '17
    "My IU Transitional Year is the best year I have had during residency. The opportunities seemed endless. If you wanted to do something unique and delve into the unknown, the program made it happen. The support and engagement with their residents is unparalleled. Man, I wish I could go back."
  • Lindsey Bressler, '18

    "Transitional year residents were welcomed, respected, and valued by other residency programs, especially emergency medicine, pediatrics and internal medicine. When I interviewed, I thought the program was too good to be true, but the IU transitional residency truly puts education above service."

  • Bradley Evanson, '16
    "This program was an awesome place at which to train. There is such a wide variety of elective opportunities and everyone I worked with was great. I moved halfway across the country for this program only to move back a year later. I would do it again in a heartbeat!"
  • Drew Adams, '19
    "The overall culture along with the support of my fellow co-residents made me feel like I was part of one big family. I can't imagine having a better intern year experience as I transitioned from medical student to resident physician."
  • Audrey Oliger, '20
    "The Methodist Transitional Year enabled me to experience diverse rotations relevant to my subsequent training in neurology while building a solid foundation in medicine. I felt supported both professionally and personally, even in the setting of a kitchen accident that required surgery in the midst of a pandemic."
  • Will Borror, '17
    "The transitional year at IU Methodist allows trainees to tailor the training to best suit their professional endeavors. There is ample opportunity for residents to develop training pathways to build non-clinical skills that are essential for success in the ever-changing field of medicine."
  • Gina Rebesco, '18
    "I grew immensely as a physician during my Transitional Year. I became a confident decision-maker all while learning in a very supportive environment. There is great effort made by program leadership to make it a fantastic year. Highly recommend!"
  • Omar Bari, '19
    "This program's cannot be stressed enough! Every rotation had incredible attendings, and program leadership is incredibly invested in the transitional residents. One of the best years of my life."
  • Andres Gonzalez, '16
    "This was an academically-oriented program that maintained the spirit of a TY experience with its elective time. The IU TY year has remained the best year of my life, and I made lifelong friends along the way."
  • Jill Penman, '19
    "My Methodist TY experience has been one of the highlights of my medical training. Not only did I come out feeling that I had a solid foundation, but the program allowed me to essentially customize my path in a challenging and supportive environment."


  • Class of 2022

    Dr. Yomna Amer, Dermatology, Oregon Health & Science Univ

    Dr. Eric Balle, Radiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Sandy Chat, Dermatology, University of Southern California

    Dr. Abass Conteh, Radiation Oncology, Stanford University

    Dr. Jean Crowley, Radiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Rolando Gerena, Radiology, University of Colorado

    Dr. Aileen Hoffmann, Radiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Havisha Munjal, Radiology, Univ Texas Southwestern

    Dr. Joseph Nenow, Radiology, Albert Einstein Med Center

    Dr. Garrett Owens, Anesthesiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Mackenzie Powell, PM&R, Mary Free Bed Hospital

    Dr. Victor Progar, Anesthesiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Diane Sun, Radiology, Mayo Clinic

    Dr. Clayton Taylor, Radiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Niel Veirup, Dermatology, Larkin Community Hospital

  • Class of 2021

    Dr. Libby Cook, Dermatology, Medical College of Wisconsin

    Dr. David Galginaitis, Anesthesiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Ruobing He, Radiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Nick Iarrobino, Radiology, Duke University

    Dr. Arleen Li, Radiology, Montefiore-Einstein

    Dr. Monali Lipman, Radiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Gabriel Martinez Alvarez, PM&R, Mayo Clinic

    Dr. Leah Moravec, Anesthesiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Forrest Oberhelman, PM&R, Indiana University

    Dr. Ken Shiao, Radiology, Emory University

    Dr. Julie Sturm, Anesthesiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Joel Thomas, Radiology, Washington University

    Dr. Monika Tilmans, Anesthesiology, Indiana University

    Dr. Michael Weisman, Radiation Oncology, Indiana University

    Dr. Patrick Wurster, Ophthalmology, Indiana University

  • Class of 2020
    Dr. Hannah Blanton, Radiology, Medical University of South Carolina
    Dr. Ashley Butler, Anesthesiology, Indiana University
    Dr. Elliott Campbell, Dermatology, Mayo Clinic
    Dr. Allison Crone, Radiology, Indiana University
    Dr. Merrylees Dersch, Ophthalmology, University of Arizona
    Dr. Donna Edwards, Radiation Oncology, University of Michigan
    Dr. LeRanna Hatcher, Anesthesiology, Mayo Clinic
    Dr. Sara Kanoun, Anesthesiology, Indiana University
    Dr. Kate Kondratuk, Dermatology, Geisinger Health
    Dr. Amber Lee, Anesthesiology, Indiana University
    Dr. Audrey Oliger, Neurology, Oregon Health & Science University
    Dr. Shivam Patel, Ophthalmology, Indiana University
    Dr. Tate Saurey, Ophthalmology, University of South Carolina Columbia
    Dr. Molly Scripture, Ophthalmology, Indiana University
    Dr. Kishan Shah, Dermatology, UT Southwestern
  • Class of 2019
    Dr. Drew Adams, Anesthesiology, Indiana University
    Dr. Sameerah Alkhairy, Ophthalmology, University of Cincinnati
    Dr. Danielle Bain, Radiology, Indiana University
    Dr. Omar Bari, Dermatology, University of California Los Angeles
    Dr. Jeff Brentin, Anesthesiology, Indiana University
    Dr. Jennifer Clark, Radiology, Georgetown University
    Dr. Clay Conner, Dermatology, Wright State University
    Dr. Madison Duff, Ophthalmology, University of Florida
    Dr. Allie Fox, Ophthalmology, Indiana University
    Dr. Lana Khuong, Radiology, University of Vermont
    Dr. Veronica Krull, Radiology, Medical University of South Carolina
    Dr. Ashley Mohan, PM&R, University of Wisconsin
    Dr. Mike Nunez, Dermatology, Duke University
    Dr. Jill Penman, PM&R, University of Louisville
    Dr. Radhika Sharma, PM&R, Rutgers University
  • Class of 2018
    Dr. Kenaz Bakdash, Interventional Radiology, University of Colorado
    Dr. Lindsey Bressler, Dermatology, Medical University of South Carolina
    Dr. Matt Cowling, PM&R, University of Wisconsin
    Dr. Lynn Della Grotta, Radiology, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
    Dr. Matt Gayed, Radiology, University of Chicago
    Dr. Andrew Huck, Ophthalmology, University of Oklahoma
    Dr. Rachel Kawiecki, Ophthalmology, Indiana University
    Dr. Nate Linna, Radiology, Hospital of University of Pennsylvania
    Dr. Chris Newman, Radiology, Indiana University
    Dr. Gina Rebesco, Radiation Oncology, Medical University of South Carolina
    Dr. Colin Ridenour, Ophthalmology, Indiana University
    Dr. Allison Rixey, Radiology, Mayo Clinic
    Dr. Stephen Scheller, Radiology, Northwestern University
    Dr. Kevin Shen, Ophthalmology, Baylor University
    Dr. Brooke Willows, Radiology, Florida Hospital
  • Class of 2017
    Dr. CJ Areephanthu, Ophthalmology, Indiana University
    Dr. Will Borror, Radiology, UT Houston
    Dr. Julia Elpers, Ophthalmology, University of Louisville
    Dr. Brett Gudgel, Ophthalmology, University of Oklahoma
    Dr. Travis Healey, Radiology, Indiana University
    Dr. Michael Isaacs, Dermatology, Indiana University
    Dr. Alexandra Levitt, Ophthalmology, University of Miami
    Dr. Homan Mohammadi, Radiation Oncology, University of South Florida
    Dr. Patty Ojeda, Radiology, University of Washington
    Dr. Priyanka Parekh, Ophthalmology, Indiana University
    Dr. Saleh Rachidi, Dermatology, Johns Hopkins
    Dr. Eric Scripture, Ophthalmology, Indiana University
    Dr. Krish Singhal, Radiology, Emory University
    Dr. Megan Tuohy, Ophthalmology, University of Michigan