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Meet the Fellows

Pediatric critical care medicine fellows for the year of 2019-2020
Pediatric Critical Care fellow Nicole Slone

Nicole M. Slone, MD


Undergraduate School: Florida State University
Medical School: College of Medicine at Florida State University
Residency: University of Tennessee Health Center
Hobbies: My husband and I love eating out at new restaurants and have found some true gems in Indianapolis. When we're not stuffing our faces, we love to go on long walks with our energetic pup, named Indy, that we adopted while in fellowship.
Research/QI Interests:  My academic interests include critical event prevention and management, specifically focusing on investigating recurrent patterns that can lead to system changes, ultimately providing better patient care. I've implemented an interdisciplinary clinical debriefing program for critical events within the pediatric ICU with the goal of creating a sustainable model of interactive quality improvement.

There is no other field in the medical practice where one can take care of a critically ill child and their families as a whole.

Why IU/Riley?
While it may sound cliche, I chose IU/Riley because of the people. I knew that I would get a great education in any of the programs that I chose, but I felt the people at Riley really cared about me as an individual. I have become a well-rounded physician because of those I have had the pleasure of calling my mentors and friends.

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22954-Rogerson, Colin

Colin M. Rogerson, MD


Undergraduate School: Brigham Young University
Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
Residency: Indiana University
Hobbies: I am married and have five children. Outside of taking care of them and taking them to the zoo and Children's Museum, I enjoy playing soccer. I have created a PICU soccer team; we're in our second year and alternate between indoor and outdoor leagues.
Research/QI Interests:  I originally was interested in finding quality improvement ways to improve resource utilization, but during my time in fellowship I was exposed to the world of informatics and data science.  Now I am pursuing a research career in this area with plans to use large databases to conduct pediatric ICU research.

Why PICU? 
I was always drawn to the most critically-ill patients. I couldn't find them in the Emergency Room, and the pediatric population had a greater propensity to recover and have good outcomes. I was also very impressed by the team dynamic I witnessed in the PICU to keep calm under pressure and save lives.

Why IU/Riley? 
I loved the people here, and the atmosphere is very friendly and good for families.  I always felt welcomed here, and there was a strong sense that everyone wanted me to learn and succeed.  It is a large, academic center with a high acuity and diverse patient population.  We get everything from all over the state, and don't have any other medical system to compete with.  My family also loved the area, and the great benefits and low cost of living was fantastic.

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Pediatric Critical Care fellow Hani Alsaedi

Hani Alsaedi, MD


Undergraduate School: King Abdul-Aziz University
Medical School: King Abdul-Aziz University
Residency: Michigan State University
Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters. We enjoy exploring parks, museums, and new restaurants.
Research/QI Interests: I am interested in simulation in the medical field. My first research is an observational in-situ simulation to assess early recognition and management of neonate cardiogenic shock. My second research is measuring the impact of an in-situ simulation-based program on clinical outcomes of pediatric DKA in the community emergency department.

Why PICU? 
Taking care of a diverse patient population with different pathophysiology is very enjoyable. Rounding on complex patients and creating treatment plans in a multidisciplinary setting while thinking of the pathophysiology of the most convoluted cases is very enriching. Additionally, the impact I can make by taking care of the most vulnerable patient population is very rewarding. 

Why IU/Riley? 
I made my decision to choose Riley after my interview day. It was apparent to me the friendly atmosphere between people in the program. I also like to have faculty with different training backgrounds and different areas of interest as it will help me to explore the field better and build up my own style. Riley Hospital for Children considers the only tertiary children hospital for the state of Indiana, which provides an excellent opportunity to see diverse patient populations with different pathophysiology in my field. On the other hand, the affordable cost of living and the availability of plenty of indoor and outdoor activities makes Indianapolis a perfect city for my family and me.

23421-Cater, Daniel

Daniel Cater, MD


Undergraduate School: Central Michigan University
Medical School: Michigan State University
Residency: Indiana University
Hobbies: Outside of work I spend time with my wife and daughter. We live in one of the northern neighborhoods of the city with many restaurants and breweries that we like to frequent with our friends. I also enjoy golfing and going to concerts.
Research/QI Interests: I am currently investigating two novel biomarkers of islet cell stress and death and its relation to hyperglycemia in patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass in the cardiac intensive care unit.

Why PICU? 
The thing that attracted me most to PICU was the broad scope of problems faced in the PICU. Going through my various rotations in medical school and pediatric residency I really enjoyed every organ system, and PICU requires a wide knowledge on all organ systems. I appreciate the ability to work closely with different specialists and manage complex critically ill patients. I also enjoy having to think and troubleshoot problems quickly for the crashing patients seen in the ICU. 

Why IU/Riley? 
Riley is the biggest children’s hospital in Indiana and because of this has a wide catchment area. Riley is a busy unit and has a wide diversity in patient populations that we service. I appreciated the graduated autonomy and the ability for senior fellows to care for patients overnight without in-house attendings.  I believe that the level of autonomy given makes our fellowship unique. As someone who did residency here, I was fortunately able to see how the staff interact with fellows and residents and found them to be great teachers, personable, and respectful of their fellows. Indianapolis itself has plenty of things to do outside of work and has a low cost of living compared to other similar sized cities.

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23427-Malin, Stefan

Stefan Malin, MD


Undergraduate School: University of Michigan
Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Residency: Indiana University
Hobbies: Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife, two dogs, and 1 cat. We enjoy hiking, spending time outdoors, and visiting new eateries and breweries around the Indianapolis area. We are also currently expecting our first child!
Research/QI Interests: I am currently evaluating residents response to simulation using an EMR through a qualitative interview. I am also hoping to reduce the frequency of daily chest radiography for critically ill patients.

Why PICU? 
I fell in love with the diversity of diseases that you see in the ICU and was fascinated with their pathophysiology. I enjoy moments where you have to think and act quickly and the PICU was the perfect fit for me.

Why IU/Riley? 
I chose Riley because of the people that I have the opportunity to work with. The staff are eager to teach and extremely knowledgeable, not to mention very personable. We have wonderful people helping to support our learning and development and they make going to work everyday fun and exciting!  Indianapolis is also a great city to live in.  It is big, but affordable, with many different neighborhoods that each have their own feel and attractions.

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