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Meet the current fellows of the Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship at IU School of Medicine.

Meet the Fellows

a group of seven fellows in white coats
60422-Dhami, Jatinder

Jatinder Dhami, MD

Third Year PICU Fellow

Undergraduate School: Rutgers University
Medical School: Rutgers University, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Residency: Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital
Hobbies: My hobbies include: binging tv shows, discovering new music, peloton-ing, painting, interior design, plant mom-ing, hanging out with friends and family and talking about my pup, Leo, or any other cute pup haha
Research/QI Interests: I’m a bit undecided here but am really interested in medical education, wellness and diversity.

Why PICU? 
Obviously the pathology is cool and ever changing. You also have the opportunity to get procedural experience. However, most importantly, you have the opportunity to positively impact families as they navigate some of the most challenging times in their children’s lives. Being that pillar of support drew me to the PICU and made me feel the most useful as a physician.

Why IU School of Medicine/Riley? 
Going through the virtual interview process was a challenge and it was daunting! However, my interview day at Riley was fantastic - all the people I met on interview day were (and still are haha) inviting, nice, down to earth and super friendly. Since being here, I can confirm there is a family dynamic amongst all the members of the PICU staff. It was truly the people who made this East coast girl come to the Midwest!

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60423-Solomon, Matthew

Matthew Solomon, MD

Third Year PICU Fellow

Undergraduate School: University of New Mexico
Medical School: University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Residency: University of Iowa Children's Hospital
Hobbies: Trail biking, hiking, running, exploring new places and trying to become the next John Bonham on the drums
Research/QI Interests: Kidney health in critical illness and pediatric ICU delirium

Why PICU? 
While in residency, I quickly realized all of the fascinating medicine I read about in medical school came to life in the PICU. Combining complex acute care with a top-notch team and the best patient population in the world was an easy choice for me.

Why IU School of Medicine/Riley?
Virtual interview season was a unique experience last year. Riley went above and beyond to adapt this process for applicants and this spoke volumes to the support they provide to their fellows. Zoom screen aside, everyone has been phenomenal both in support and investment in fellow education since coming to Indianapolis and starting fellowship. There is a reason why Riley is one of the best children’s hospitals in the country.

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44126-Hanson, Amy

Amy E. Hanson, MD

Second Year PICU Fellow

Undergraduate School: University of Iowa
Medical School: University of Iowa Roy J. & Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine
Residency: Indiana University School of Medicine
Hobbies: I love moving - swimming, biking, running, climbing, hiking, camping, or really anything outdoors! My husband and I are constantly planning our next adventure, traveling whenever we can. I otherwise love reading cheesy love stories (and ICU textbooks, of course). 
Research/QI interests: Unfortunately, I am interested in everything; however, I am currently investigating extubation failure in the cardiac ICU. 

I've never felt comfortable in the PICU. I am constantly challenged and being forced to think on my feet, and I love that about the ICU. It's never boring! I love that adrenaline rush that comes with the acuity, thinking through complex pathophysiology, and getting to establish relationships with the patients and their families during some of the most difficult moments of their lives. 

Why IU School of Medicine/Riley?
My residency training was here at Riley, and after doing virtual interviews all over the country, I decided it was ultimately best for me to stay. I love the people here, from the janitors and cafeteria staff to the attendings on the unit and consulting services. Riley really is one team and one family. Being a part of this family makes the challenges of PICU fellowship feel a little less daunting.

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62230-Hopwood, Andrew

Andrew Hopwood, MD

Second Year PICU Fellow

Undergraduate School: Saint Louis University
Medical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Residency: Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
Hobbies: Baking sourdough iterations of everyday baked goods, grilling everything, coffee enthusiast, and hanging out with my wife and son.
Research/QI interests: Fluid balance in critically ill children and implementation science

After many years in medical training, I have found the greatest satisfaction working in the PICU. Every day you encounter complex pathophysiology, perform crucial procedures, and help patients and their families through very difficult times. 

Why IU School of Medicine/Riley?
The atmosphere created by everyone coming together to take care of the sickest patients at Riley is invigorating. After my interview day, I knew I had to become a part of the team. The supportive faculty and staff make all the difference, as they truly are invested in helping you become the best intensivist you can be. I also cannot say enough about the city of Indianapolis; the people are nice, the food is incredible, and my family and I feel right at home here in the Midwest.

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64741-Jackson, Nicole

Nicole J. Jackson, MD

First Year PICU Fellow

Undergraduate School: Georgetown University
Medical School: St. George's University School of Medicine 
Residency: Nicklaus Children's Hospital
Hobbies: I enjoy running, paddleboard, kayaking, biking, and working out like I'm training for something. I like to travel, food/wine festivals, and reading. 
Research/QI Interests: I'm interested in Neurocritical care and social determinants of health and their relation to outcomes in PICU patients.

I love the multidisciplinary approach-never ending learning about the whole patient. Also hits close to home and I would like to be a physician who can provide comfort and understanding to patients and families when they are going through difficult times. 

Why IU School of Medicine/Riley? 
I wanted to train in a program that was large enough that I would see a variety of patients and pathology but was also supportive. I felt supported by the staff at Riley during the interview process and throughout the match. Virtual interviews suck but I felt that Riley did an excellent job of providing information about the program, university, and area. First time living in the Midwest and I don't regret it.

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64742-Monroig, Vanessa

Vanessa M. Monroig, MD

First Year PICU Fellow

Undergraduate School: Florida International University 
Medical School: Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science 
Residency: Emory University 
Hobbies: I love cross-stitching on my free time. 
Research/QI interests: I am undecided at the moment, but my interests lean towards medical education and simulation. 

I am fascinated by complex pathophysiology and enjoy the opportunity to apply it daily in a fast-paced environment. I am passionate about providing care to patients in a vulnerable physical and emotional state and find great meaning in navigating them and their families through that journey. Chaos also excites me… 

Why IU School of Medicine/Riley?
From Day 1 everyone was so supportive. The program leadership demonstrated commitment to fellows achieving success, the program coordinator saved me through unforeseen technical difficulties, and everyone was empathetic to the intimidating nature of this field. When making the final decision, these factors weighted heavily as they were indicative of how the subsequent years may go in moments where I seek support. On my first in-person day, everyone was very welcoming, kind, supportive, and excited to meet us. It already feels like family.

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64743-Severns, Danielle

Danielle M. Severns, MD

First Year PICU Fellow

Undergraduate School: Missouri Southern State University
Medical School: University of Missouri - Columbia
Residency: University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in Memphis, TN
Hobbies: walking my rescue dog, watching Chiefs football, trying new craft beer, going to concerts, exercising at the gym
Research/QI interests: preventable harm and outcomes for adult-aged patients with childhood medical conditions

I appreciate the fast pace of the ICU where you can intervene and witness the rapid change in a patient’s clinical condition. I enjoy the breadth and complexity of patients in the PICU, and love the environment of children’s hospitals where everyone on the team is passionately working toward the same goal. All of that made it an easy choice for me! 

Why IU School of Medicine/Riley? 
Despite it being all virtual interviews, I quickly realized that the staff, faculty and fellows are the type of people I would enjoy being around. I felt that I would be well-supported by everyone throughout my training here. Riley has a perfect combination of patient volume and complexity, so I knew I would be well-prepared for any career. As an added bonus, my husband and I really wanted to be back in the Midwest!

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