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Reconstructive Urology Research

Reconstructive Urology Research

Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Urology faculty are actively researching new reconstructive urology techniques to offer patient better care and improved outcomes. Several active clinical trials relate to conditions associated with reconstructive urology. Faculty also frequently publish their work in urological journals.

Past Studies

  • Ileal Ureter for Radiation-Induced Ureteral Strictures
    IU School of Medicine urology faculty researchers studied the use of ileal ureter replacement for patients needing ureteral reconstruction due to radiation-induced ureteral stricture. The ileum is a portion of the small intestine. This particular type of ureteral stricture disease has significant surgical challenges, but using the ileum is seen as a versatile option for reconstruction. Between July 1989 and June 2013, 155 patients were studied. Researchers found the ureteral substitution with ileum can be an effective reconstructive option for radiation-induced ureteral strictures.
  • Rectal Mucosal Grafts for Urethral Strictures
    Faculty researchers in the Department of Urology studied the feasibility of using rectal mucosal grafts for augmentation urethroplasty. In this study, five patients underwent this procedure. Patients who had previously received a buccal graft preferred the rectal graft method due to fewer side effects.