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Welcome from the program director

Welcome to our Psychiatry Residency Training Program at IU School of Medicine, Indianapolis! I am delighted to learn of your interest in the field of psychiatry and in training at our institution. As a proud graduate of the IU Psychiatry Residency Program myself, I can personally attest to the high caliber of faculty teaching and the breadth of clinical exposure. Our mission is for our residents to become experts in the field of psychiatry. Along the way, we anticipate empowering residents to develop exemplary clinical skills while also maintaining awareness of the importance of self-care and work-life balance.

Our program emphasizes patient interview experience, differential diagnosis and pharmacologic interventions in the first year. The second year incorporates the many subspecialties of psychiatry including exposure to addiction, adult and child, consultation-liaison, forensic and geriatric psychiatry. This allows residents an opportunity to experience diverse aspects of psychiatric practice early in their training. We also begin teaching psychotherapy in the second year so that residents may apply their developing techniques as they care for patients throughout training.

The latter half of the residency experience emphasizes integration of medical and scientific literature with innovative interview techniques and advanced therapeutic skills. Our program believes these are key to being an expert psychiatrist. Fourth year residents spend two months of selective time in a junior attending role at the clinical site of their choosing. This allows senior residents to collaborate directly with junior residents and prepares them for a smooth transition into the role of attending psychiatrist. The remainder of the last year of residency is elective time, ensuring residents can personalize the final phase of training according to specific areas of interest.

In addition to an exemplary clinical education, we offer a research track that fosters early development of basic science, clinical and translational research. We also offer an educator track dedicated to training academic clinician educators. Whether residents arrive to our program with the ambition to further the field with research, care for underserved community populations, teach other physicians or pursue a successful private practice, they graduate with a strong foundation of expertise in the field.

I look forward to further exploring your goals as a resident in psychiatry.

15682-Patel, Aimee

Aimee E. Patel, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

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