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Message from Directors of Triple Board Psychiatry

Indiana University School of Medicine Triple Board Residency provides a five-year comprehensive and integrated training in Pediatrics, Adult Psychiatry, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. We seek physicians eager to understand and treat the child and family as a whole, and to bridge the disciplines of pediatrics and psychiatry. Graduates are board-eligible in all three disciplines, and they may choose to work in one of the three settings or in roles that interface between disciplines. Triple Board graduates use their integrated training in multiple unique settings. Some examples include providing psychiatric consultation in a pediatric medical setting, treating patients with neurodevelopmental disorders, participating in collaborative care clinics, practicing in underserved pediatric populations, devoting time to systems development, advocacy, education and the list goes on. 

The Departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics are deeply committed to the philosophy that the Triple Board training represents. We embrace the opportunity to collaborate as faculty, researchers and educators as we work together in training new triple board physicians. Special attention is given each year to providing the essential components of each discipline, while also tailoring the training and mentoring to each physician’s career path. 

We look for adaptable, enthusiastic and bright students willing to accept the challenge of mastering three specialties. Our graduates are well prepared for clinical and academic opportunities in pediatrics and child and adolescent psychiatry. We are incredibly proud of our program and the talented, diverse physicians we have trained for over 25 years.

13584-Dunn, David

David W. Dunn, MD

Arthur B. Richter Professor of Child Psychiatry

Director, Triple Board Residency 

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12049-DeMotte, Michael

Michael J. DeMotte, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Director, Psychiatry Residency 

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9301-Yoder, Rachel

Rachel B. Yoder, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Associate Director, Triple Board Residency

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10518-Rushton, Jerry

Jerry L. Rushton, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Director, Pediatric Residency

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