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Welcome from the Director of Psychiatry Residency at Vincennes

Apply to join the Psychiatry Residency program at Vincennes! Our program represents a unique opportunity for residents to become experts in psychiatry while working in a variety of community, collaborative and academic atmospheres.

This program has some of the most enthusiastic faculty members who have years of experience working in countless clinical settings, which will give residents experience to a wide range of psychiatric practice. Our program is unique in its ability to train residents in community models of psychiatric care while also providing residents with full access to research opportunities and educational resources at Indiana University School of Medicine, which has campuses all over the state, including nearby Evansville. The program gives residents exposure to both rural and urban community settings, enabling them with experience needed to lead professional teams.

Our residents are encouraged as they pursue original research, which will no doubt be reflected in their participation at national conferences. The nearby hospitals and clinics are full of engaged faculty and staff who support residents in achieving their goals and expanding their awareness. The program offers residents a once in a lifetime ability to help design electives and make an impact in a program that can truly meet their needs and interests. It is our goal for residents to not only become subject-matter experts, but to feel confident and encouraged as they open doors we never knew could be opened.

Thank you for your interest in our program. Let’s discuss your goals for residency at Vincennes!

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Allie E. Thomas-Fannin, MD

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

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