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Get Hired as a Care Coordinator

Care coordination is a fulfilling opportunity for professional development as a registered nurse. Nurses hired into the Indiana Complex Care Coordination Collaborative (IC4) receive training in a six-month virtual High Intensity Training with an individual coach, scheduled didactics and a trove of local resources at their fingertips. Once the High Intensity Training is completed, nurses move into a longitudinal Learning Collaborative where they share information and support with others doing this same work.

Nurses who have completed the IC4 training can demonstrate their accomplishment on their resumes with notations such as:

Completion of Indiana Complex Care Coordination (IC4) High Intensity Training
IU School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN — Aug 2023 to Jan 2024

  • Completed 80 hours of training in principles of patient/family-centered comprehensive care coordination, advanced communication skills, population health, patient and family needs and professional development.
  • Demonstration of competency across 19 domains of care coordination performance.

Participation in the Indiana Complex Care Coordination (IC4) Learning Collaborative
IU School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN — Aug 2023 to present

  • Active participation in bimonthly longitudinal group discussions and presentations to refine and enhance care coordination skills.


Curious what nurses in the program are saying about the IC4 program and their career as a care coordinator?

“I enjoy coordinating care between appointments. I spoke to a mom of complex child this week. Mom is a registered nurse. She verbalized appreciation and thankfulness for a care coordinator's ability to "bridge the gap" between health care entities. She stated that this element is something she can’t provide herself yet is something she needs. She expressed how much she valued this asset from IC4.”

-Angie Lewis, RN
 Care Coordinator, Fishers Pediatrics

“I enjoy being a complex care coordinator because it allows me to bring my past experiences to the job. I love working with the children and their families, making sure they get the best care, resources, and supplies they can. It is a great feeling to know you have made a situation a little easier, helped get the needed equipment, referred them to a support group, etc. It allows me to get to know my complex care patients and show them I really care!”

-Becky Nelson, RN, BSN
  Care Coordinator, JMH Pediatrics

“I love getting to know the care coordination families on a deeper level. I love helping and celebrating with families even for the smallest of victories. I love when parents are comfortable enough to include me in the good, bad, and ugly of their daily lives. We work together to get through the hard times, and I love when we can come out on top!”

-Meggen Green, RN
 Care Coordinator, ALL IN Pediatrics

“As a nurse I have always had a passion for helping people. Becoming a nurse care coordinator has taken that to the next level. I get to build relationships and trust with my families and it’s the best feeling knowing that I am making a difference in their lives.”

-Melissa Nelson, RN
 Care Coordinator, Witham Pediatrics

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