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Otology/Neurotology Clinical Care

Otologists at IU School of Medicine are nationally recognized experts in long-term hearing preservation when patients face complex conditions in the ear and skull base. Novel techniques such as canal wall reconstruction are performed weekly to manage cholesteatoma. Compared to traditional techniques for removing cholesteatoma, canal wall reconstruction allows for very low rates of recurrence, preservation of the normal ear anatomy, and avoidance of lifelong difficulties associated with a mastoid bowl.

Clinical services include:

  • Hearing loss — sensory neural and conductive
  • Skull base cancers (vestibular schwannoma, meningioma, paraganglioma)
  • Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks
  • Cochlear implants in children and adults
  • Facial paralysis and facial nerve disorders
  • Squamous cell (skin) cancer of the ear
  • Ossicular chain reconstruction
  • Cholesteatoma and chronic ear disease
  • Revision surgery for complex otologic diseases

Looking for Patient Care?

To schedule an appointment with an otolaryngologist (ENT), call IU Health at 317-944-6467 or search the IU Health Find a Doctor portal.

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