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Matching and Licensure

National Resident Matching Program (NRMP)

The National Resident Matching Program is responsible for administering an orderly and fair method of placement for most first postgraduate year (and, in some instances, later postgraduate years) medical residency positions. Positions in a few specialties (ophthalmology, urology, and child neurology) are typically filled via specialized matching services outside of the NRMP. Securing a residency position through the NRMP results in a binding contract between the student and the residency program. At the end of the third year, instructions regarding the matching program and residency procurement are provided. Information regarding residency program application procedures is available in the Student Academic Records Office in the Medical Science Building, Rooms 124 and 159.

Medical Licensure

The licensing process, fees, and granting of reciprocity vary among states. Prior to graduation, students should check with the appropriate state medical licensing board regarding the state process and law. The number for the Indiana State Licensing Board is (317) 232-2960.