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Surgical Skills Curriculum

  • PGY 1

    Intern Orientation Week

    Department Overview
    Curriculum Overview
    Chair Introduction
    Informed Consent
    Informed Consent Simulation
    Informed Consent Team Building
    Introduction to Skills Lab
    Mental Skills
    ERAS with Dr. Wooden
    Admin Chief Talk
    Prioritization with Dr. Choi
    Time Management with Dr. Mong
    Central Lines 1
    Upstander Training with Drs. Meagher and Tori
    Post-Op Fever
    Wellness with Dr. Gray
    Aseptic Technique, foley catheter, local administration
    Chest Tube 1 + EM Residents
    Intern Sim Day at Fairbanks
    Do's- Don'ts vascular/prds/transplant
    AIDET with Dr. Rescorla
    Riley Medical Safety Advocate
    Patient Safety/Quality Improvement
    Airway and Intubation
    Small Group Session 1
    Medical Reconcilliation
    ABSITE - What is it, how to study?
    Administrative Responsibilities
    Central Lines 2
    Nurse Shadowing Group 1
    Discharge Planning
    Research with Dr. Markel
    Discharge Summary
    Skills Curriculum Session 2
    Nurse Shadowing Group 2
    Small Group Session 2
    Teaching Medical Students
    Intern Olympics
    Final Questions
    Hospital Tours/Meet Teams

    All intern curriculum (except orientation week) is held weekly on Thursday afternoons from 1–4:30 pm. Depending on group, students may be split in to two groups.

    Session 1 Introduction
    Session 2: Instrument/suture ID
    Central Line 3 (assessment)
    Session 3: Palming, intro suturing, instrument tie
    Summer lecture series with Dr. Mong
    Session 4: Knot tying
    Chest Tube 2 (Assessment)
    Session 5: Knot tying 2
    Summer Lecture series with Dr. Mong (individual ACS score reviews
    Session 6: suturing 1
    Summer lecture series with Dr. Mong ( ACS weaknessess)
    Session 7: suturing 2
    Summer lecture series with Dr. mong (ACS weaknesses)
    Free practice
    Trauma Team Training at Fairbanks
    End of Curriculum Assessments
    Summer Lecture Series with Dr. Mong (Intern Check-In)
    Intro to Robotics
    Laparotomy incisions and Closure
    Intro to laparoscopy, camera driving, FLS
    Laparotomy (assessment)
    Thanksgiving (no lab)
    Drains, Wound Vac, Ostomies, NG Tubes
    Access - POCUS, A-Line, IO, IV
    Mid-Year Assessment Olympics
    Christmas Holiday (no lab)
    New Years (no lab)
    I&D, drains, US access (assessment)
    Ergonomics 1
    Ergonomics 2
    Cricothyroidectomy and tracheostomy
    Preparing for a case
    Lap Hernia Repair
    Catharsis Talk
    Open hernia Repair
    Intro to Mock Orals
    Open Tissue Dissection, vessel harvest
    Intro to lap chole
    Electrolytes and Nutrition
    Intro to Lap Appy
    Death summaries and pronouncing
    Trauma Team Training at Fairbanks
    Plastics - V-Y flaps, dog ear repair, skin biopsies
    Bias training and bystander training
    Intro to endoscopy
    Mental Skills
    End of the year assessment Olympics

  • PGY 2

    Annual Assessments
    HSB & Stapled Anastomosis Teach
    HSB & Stapled Anastomosis Practice
    HSB & Stapled Anastomosis Testing
    Vascular Anastomosis
    Intro to LVHR & Mesh (simulator)
    Breast Ultrasound (cadaver)
    Axillary Dissection & Partial Mastectomy w/SAVI (cadaver)
    Lap Ventral Hernia Teach
    Lap Ventral Hernia Practice
    Lap Ventral Hernia Test
    Lap Splenectomy (cadaver)
    Annual Assessment
    Open Right / Left Hemicolectomy (cadaver)
    Ostomomy and Feeding Tubes (cadaver)
    Vascular Anastomosis-carotid endarectomy

  • PGY 3

    Annual Assessments
    Vascular Anastomosis
    Mastectomy (cadaver)
    Thyroid/Parathyroid & Thyroid Ultrasound (cadaver)
    Lap Nissen Teach /Practice 1/2 ATLAS TEST
    Lap Nissen Teach/ Practice 1/2 ATLAS TEST
    Lap Nissen Test
    Lap Right Hemi (cadaver)
    Annual Assessment
    Lap Inguinal Hernia Repair (cadaver)
    Vascular-Fem Pop

  • PGY 4

    Optional ATLAS – RSVP required
    Whipple (cadaver)
    Annual Assessment
    Lap Bowel Anastomosis Teach
    Lap Bowel Anastomosis Practice
    Lap Bowel Anastomosis Test
    Gastric Resection (cadaver)
    Annual Assessment
    Lap Adrenalectomy (cadaver)

  • PGY 5

    Optional ATLAS – RSVP required
    Chief Resident Assessment
    Lap Sigmoidectomy (cadaver)