The Surgical Outcomes & Quality Improvement Center (SOQIC) at Indiana University School of Medicine is a collaborative health services, outcomes, health policy, and quality and safety improvement research enterprise of more than 35 faculty, fellows, and staff. We are focused on measuring and improving health care quality locally, regionally, and nationally. Our research spans all surgical specialties and areas of medicine, with a particular focus on general surgery, surgical oncology and multidisciplinary oncology care, trauma/critical care, and vascular surgery. The group also has a focus on impactful surgical education research. IU SOQIC has robust training programs for medical students, surgical residents, and postdoctoral fellows, including multiple federally funded institutional training grants. Recently relocated to IU School of Medicine, the group has earned more than $40 million in funding, frequently published in high-impact journals like JAMA and NEJM, and trained more than 50 resident researchers over the past 15 years.

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To learn more about SOQIC research training and fellowship opportunities, along with other general inquiries, please contact Brianna D’Orazio.

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Center Programs

IU SOQIC is focused on surgical outcomes research and quality improvement, with interests in comparative effectiveness, implementation and dissemination science, and health policy.

Our Team

IU SOQIC is a group of more than 35 faculty, fellows, and staff. Our research spans all surgical specialties and areas of medicine.

Research Fellowships

We offer funded, two-year fellowships focused on surgical outcomes, health services, quality improvement, implementation science, health policy, and surgical education research. These fellowships prepare surgical residents for successful careers as surgeon-scientists.