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High-Throughput Screening

Compound Libraries Diversity-Oriented Small Molecules

  • Total collection: ~220,000 compounds
  • Reputable, diverse, pharmacophore rich collection of drug-like compounds
  • Generally obey Lipinski’s “rule of five” and so demonstrate good ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) profiles
  • Ideal candidates for development beyond the initial screening assay
  • Pre-plated in 384-well plates that are readily available to screen

The entire collection is divided into the following individual libraries:

  • ChemBridge 43K (contains 43,000 compounds), acquired in November 2002
  • ChemDiv 55K (contains 55,000 compounds), acquired in October 2003
  • ChemDiv 60K (contains 60,000 compounds), acquired in June 2004
  • ChemDiv 10K (contains 10,000 compounds), acquired in November, 2008
  • ChemBridge 50K (contains 50,000 compounds), acquired in September 2012

These libraries were purchased at different times, representing the novel chemistry at the time, and they do not overlap with each other.

  • LOPAC 1280
    Includes 1,280 known drugs and bioactives, covering all major target classes, including CPCRs and kinases
  • Microsource Spectrum
    Comprises 2,400 US and international drugs, natural products and their derivatives, and reported bioactives (non-drug enzyme inhibitors, receptor blockers, membrane active compounds, and cellular toxins) that have not made it to clinical trials
  • AnalytiCon MEGx
    Comprises 1,000 pure natural products extracted and purified from plants and microorganisms
  • AnalytiCon NATx
    Includes 5,000 semi-synthetic natural products that were built based on natural product precursors with tractable chemistry

These two workstations are intended for routine robotic processes, such as general purpose pipetting and liquid transferring. Equipped with a multi-channel pipetting head (MCA) carrying a 96-channel pipetting head, a 6-position labware carrier for tip boxes and reagent troughs, and 20 positions for 96- or 384- well plates. Other modules can be added as needed.

Up to three independent reagents can be dispensed in parallel without carryover, as low as 500 nL. The wash module adds multi-purpose functionality for a wide variety of applications. The BioStack4 provides walkaway automation and ability to de-lid and re-lid microplates before and after the MultiFlo FX operations.

This liquid dispenser is integrated with two microplate stackers that can hold 60 plates at a time. Removable, autoclavable, dispensing cassettes can be easily changed between reagents. Simple push button controls and compact size, combined with autoclavable peristaltic pumping cassettes, make the Multidrop Titan combo also the perfect device for cell dispensing or feeding in a hood.

  • Integrated variable pin-hole confocal technology with innovative LED illumination
  • Solid-state seven-color LED illumination for live cells and label free capabilities as standard
  • Orbitor RS microplate mover to expand the throughput capacity

Synergy™ Neo2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader is designed for the screening laboratory, with speed and ultra-high performance. Variable bandwidth quad monochromators, sensitive high transmission filter-based optics, laser TRF and up to 4 PMTs provide ultra-fast measurements with excellent results. It features BioTek’s patented Hybrid Technology™, with its independent optical paths that ensure uncompromised performance in all detection modes. Advanced environmental controls, including CO2/O2 control, incubation to 65 °C and variable shaking support live cell assays; cell-based detection is optimized with direct bottom illumination. Powerful Gen5 Software offers complete reader control, powerful data analysis, and automation and LIMS integration. ​

With dual stackers, the instrument accepts microplates from 96 to 1536 wells. It provides all non-radiometric detection technologies, including:

  • Absorbance
  • Fluorescence Intensity
  • Fluorescence Polarization
  • Luminescence
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF)
  • AlphaScreen/AlphaLISA

A Protein Crystallization Robot for sitting drop (100 + 100nl to 2+2µl)​, MMS Microseed Screening, 2D Optimization, Additive Experiments and Microbatch-Under-Oil.

This is a high performance absorbance reader, with a full spectral range of 190 – 1000nm, based on a monochromator, tunable in 1.0 nm increments and 2 nm bandwidth. It reads 96- and 384-well microplates, as well as cuvettes.

The 6-foot long biological safety hood featuring heavy duty dual wall construction, a one-piece interior, and patented vortex channels, provides additional product and personnel protection. It may be used with agents assigned to biosafety levels 1, 2, or 3. The large interior space of the biosafety hood can hold compact liquid dispenser or sample processor so that the dispensing and/or dilution of cell culture can be performed within the hood.

This incubator provides maximum thermal protection and quick recovery from swings in ambient temperature and power variations. It is conveniently located in the core facility so that our customers may incubate their samples at controlled temperature and humidity and CO2 level.

Equipment and Service Price

 Equipment or Service  Unit  Internal Price
 ALPS Plate Sealer  per hour  13.99
 ArrayScan Extended Use  per hour


 ArrayScan XTI High Content   per hour  48.00
 Bacteria culture Incubators 
 per hour  13.99
 Biotek Neo2 multimode reader 
 per hour  13.99
 Cell Culture Hood 
 per hour  13.99
 Cell Culture Incubators 
 per hour  20.00
 Envision Multilabel Reader w/ accessories 
 per hour  20.00
 per hour  20.00
 Freedom EVO, 100 MCA384 
 per hour  20.00
 Freedom EVO, 100 MCA96 
 per hour  20.00
 Freedom EVO, 150 MCA 
 per hour  20.00
 Multidrop 384 
 per hour  20.00
 MultiFlo FX 
 per hour  13.00
 per hour  20.00
 Precision Liquid Handler 
 per hour  20.00
 SpectraMax384 Plate Reader 
 per hour  20.00
 Assay Development - Biochemical Assay 
 per day  300.00
 Assay Development - Cellular Assay 
 per day  370.00
 Hit Confirmation - Biochemical Assay 
 per service  300.00
 Hit Confirmation - Cellular Assay 
 per service  370.00
 IC50 Determination - Biochemical Assay 
 per service  200.00
 IC50 Determination - Cellular Assay 
 per service  290.00
 Screen of Library - Biochemical Assay (1,000 compounds) 
 per 1000 compounds  180.00
 Screen of Library - Cellular Assay (1,000 compounds) 
 per 1000 compounds  340.00
 Set-up Fee (Z' determination) - Biochemical Assay 
 per service  300.00
 Set-up Fee (Z' determination) - Cellular Assay  per service  370.00

Above quoted equipment prices are unassisted prices. For assisted prices, an hourly rate of $57 will be added.

Prices shown reflect internal price discounts for IU researchers. Prices for external users increase 50% above the discounted prices.