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The Department of Pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine consistently ranks in the top 10 medical schools for pediatric research.


Indiana University School of Medicine is one of the top 10 sites in the United States for pediatric health research. Pediatric hospitalists are actively involved in leading quality improvement and education projects throughout the institution.

Fellows are trained in the principles of evidence-based medicine and utilization of research to improve quality of patient care. Each fellow completes at least one clinical research project throughout their two years, developed around their interests in pediatric hospital medicine. A Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC) is developed for each fellow to mentor them through the development and completion of their project, with the goal of publishing the findings nationally when complete.

Fellows interested in research-focused careers may apply for an extended three-year fellowship track and work closely with Children’s Health Services Research for more formal research training.

Examples of Prior Fellow Projects

  • "Improving Identification and Follow-up of Tests Pending at Discharge"
  • "Pediatric Suicide Admissions Increase in the Last Decade: Impact on Pediatric Hospitals and Physicians"
  • "A QI project to Standardize HSV Testing & Treating and Improve Education"
  • "False positive blood cultures obtained in the ED: planning for a strategic reduction"
  • "The R.O.B.I.N. Method: Reaching Out Before It's Needed"
  • "Computerized Provider Order Entry: Attitudes and Perceptions of Residents"
  • "Inpatient characteristics of the child admitted with chronic pain"
  • "Decreasing the hemolysis of ammonia labs"
  • "Utilizing the teach-back method to improve discharge communication"