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Current Fellows

64838-Agosta, Patrina

Patrina O. Agosta, MD


Read Bio Patrina O. Agosta, MD

42275-Burns, Ramzy

Ramzy T. Burns, MD

Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

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60512-Gulbrand, Krystine

Krystine A. Gulbrand, MD


Read Bio Krystine A. Gulbrand, MD

62346-Lazaro Weiss, Jose

Jose J. Lazaro Weiss, MD

Ponce Health Sciences University

Read Bio Jose J. Lazaro Weiss, MD

Past Fellows

This program has helped dozens of physicians become skilled in female pelvic medicine and reconstruction surgery care and go on to work in a variety of settings, such as private practice or academics. Below is a list of past fellows along with the year they completed this fellowship program and the type of setting in which they are currently employed.
Name Graduation Year Employment Activity
Andrew Agosta, MD 1990 Hospital-based private practice
Vincent Lucente, MD 1991 Academic private practice
Debra Miller, MD 1992 Private practice
Renee Caputo, MD 1993 Hospital-based private practice
Anita Pillai-Allen, MD 1994 Full-time academics
Douglass Hale, MD 1995 Academic private practice
Jeffrey Welgoss, MD 1996 Academic private practice
Val Vogt, MD 1997 Private practice
John Fischer, MD 1999 Full time academics
Matthew Clark, MD 2000 Private practice
Marisa Mastropietro, MD 2001 Full time academics
Martina Mutone, MD, MPH 2002 Urology group private practice
Walter von Pechmann, MD 2003 Academic private practice
Kenneth Griffis, MD 2004 HMO group practice
Jose Maceda, MD, MSc 2005 Hospital-based practice
Kenneth Su, MD, MSc 2006 HMO group practice
Amir Shariati, MD, MSc 2007 Hospital- based practice
Joye Lowman, MD, MPH 2008 HMO
Sara Diaz, MD, MSc 2009 Urology group private practice
Colleen McDermott, MD, MSc 2010 Full-time academics
Jean Park, MD, MPH 2011 HMO group practice
Seshadri Kasturi, MD 2012 Private practice
Amy George, MD 2013 Academic private practice
Nadine Kassis, MD 2014 Academic private practice
Michelle Takase-Sanchez, MD, MSc 2015 Private practice
Waseem Khoder, MD, MSc 2016 HMO group practice
Brandon Sass, MD 2018 Academic private practice
Rujin Ju, MD 2018 Multispecialty group
Divya Arunachalam, MD 2019 HMO group practice
Christine Pan, MD 2020 Urology group private practice
 Alex Hubb, MD 2021 Hospital-based practice
 Andrew Doering, MD 2022 Hospital-based practice
 Anna Guanzon, MD 2023