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Career planning for student in the MD program helps them explore specialty and career options that align with their specific skills and interests.

Career Development

All students at Indiana University School of Medicine benefit from the guidance of a robust team of career development professionals. With the help of individualized coaching, students develop life-long professional skills and ensure a successful residency placement on Match Day by aligning their strengths and interests with specialty and career options.

Career Development Team

The Career Development Office, a student affairs support team within the Mentoring and Advising Program (MAP), provides comprehensive professional development opportunities and coaching to help students successfully match with an appropriate medical specialty and develop life-long professional skills. The Career Development Office works with lead advisors and career mentors to support students during every phase of medical school at all nine statewide campuses.

The Career Development Office’s comprehensive career development program follows the AAMC Careers in Medicine (CiM) four-phase paradigm: 1) Understand Yourself, 2) Explore your Options, 3) Choose your Specialty, 4) Prepare for Residency process.

Career Mentors

The Career Development Office works in collaboration with career mentors to enhance student competitiveness for residencies. Students are able to interact with a career mentor whenever they feel ready to discuss career options or delve into a specialty. Career mentors communicate specialty-specific requirements with the ultimate goals of ensuring students match in their first specialty choice. Career mentors serve a valuable role in the growth of healers during the journey from student to medical professional.

AAMC Resources

Students are encouraged to use Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) resources to guide conversations with career mentors and lead advisors.

Career Planning for Current Students

Medical students at IU School of Medicine can request a career mentor by completing a Request Form.

Request a Career Mentor