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The IU School of Medicine Proteomics Core does not share data or project information without the consent of the principle investigator(s) involved in the project.

Conflict Resolution 

Any concerns about service or data obtained from the proteomics core should be referred to the Core Director. Differences in opinion regarding protocols used, billing issues, authorship disagreement, etc. may be discussed. In the event that a resolution to the conflict cannot be reached between the Principle Investigator(s) and the Core Director, the Proteomics Advisory Board can be consulted. The current members of the IU School of Medicine Proteomics core advisory board are:

Name Title Department
Clark D. Wells, PhD Associate Professor (chair) Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
AJ Baucum, PhD Assistant Professor Biology (IUPUI)/Stark Neuroscience Institute
Johnathan Tune, PhD Professor Cellular & Integrative Physiology
Mark R. Kelley, PhD Professor Pediatrics
Sophie Paczesny, MD, PhD Professor Pediatrics
Lindsey Mayo, PhD Associate Professor Pediatrics
Gustavo Arrizabalaga, PhD Professor Pharmacology and Toxicology
Yunlong Liu, PhD Professor Medical and Molecular Genetics, Director of CMG


Cost Recovery/Payment 

All CTSI core users are asked to include an account number with their sample submission form. Billing is performed at least once a month following completion of the majority of the work (typically including sample preparation, LC-MS/MS analysis, and initial database search analysis). External (non-CTSI) users should contact the Core Director to discuss payment options prior to sample submission.

Prioritization of Work 

Samples are processed on a “first come, first served” basis. Some samples require multiple sample preparation steps which may delay their analysis on the mass spectrometer. Slight changes in the “first come, first served” order of analysis are performed to optimize instrument usage and to fit with staffing.

Publications and Grant Writing

All work per formed in or by the Proteomics Core should be acknowledged in publications. Please add the following statement to the acknowledgments: "Mass spectrometry (or other services/support) was provided by the Indiana University School of Medicine Proteomics Core Facility." For projects that include novel method development, co-authorship may be warranted. For projects that include significant manuscript writing, figure production, and/or data interpretation beyond general method write-ups, co-authorship should be granted. A PDF version of all publications that include data generate by the Proteomics Core Facility is requested. A notice of grants awarded should also be shared when appropriate. This will assist the core in documenting successful activities and aids in gaining funding to maintain and upgrade the resources in the core.