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These policies apply to the services and equipment provided by the IU School of Medicine Electron Microscopy facility in Indianapolis.

  • Section Submitting Material
    Prospective users of the Electron Microscopy Center can make an inquiry about future projects, either by email, phone or in person. Prospective clients can explore the Electron Microscopy Center’s fee schedule and set up a time to discuss the project in person with the Center prior to providing specimens. Investigators should come to the meeting prepared with pertinent information relating to the specific project. At that time a request for specimen submission, including an estimate of costs for the project can be completed so clients and the Electron Microscopy Center personnel are thoroughly familiar with the proposed project.

    This center’s primary goal is to generate high-quality data using electron microscopy. Specimen quality is essential to this process, as without properly fixed and prepared specimens, it is impossible to generate good and interpretable images. It is this center’s policy to review all protocols for incoming specimens and the center reserves the right to reject specimens and/or suggest necessary changes to aid in obtaining adequate and quality results.

  • Data Analysis and Transfer
    All data and results belong to the client investigator. Neither will be shared outside this center without the researcher’s consent.
  • Confidentiality
    All data and results generated by the center can be accessed only by the researcher, the Electron Microscopy Center Director and technical staff.
  • Conflict Resolution
    The Electron Microscopy Center Director will discuss all issues with the investigator to help resolve the problem. If the issue cannot be resolved, it will be submitted to the Electron Microscopy Center’s advisory committee.
  • Cost Recovery
    The fee schedule is set up to offset the substantial cost of maintaining this center without making its services cost-prohibitive. Any changes in the service requested by a client may result in additional costs above the estimate provided at the initial review of the proposed project and estimate.
  • Prioritization
    An accession number is given to all incoming projects (specimens). Unless discussed and an arrangement made beforehand, all projects are on a first-come first-served basis. IU School of Medicine projects have priority over externally submitted projects.
  • Publication Authorship Policy
    The Electron Microscopy Center provides electron microscopy services on a fee-for-service basis. Basic processing and microscopy are the responsibility of Electron Microscopy Center personnel. But interpretations of resulting data are the responsibility of the submitting investigator.

    The Electron Microscopy Center should be acknowledged in publications in which microscopy results are utilized. Co-authorship on resulting publications should be considered when projects brought to the Electron Microscopy Center require significant additional scientific or intellectual input from the Electron Microscopy Center Director or personnel.