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Family Based Treatment

The Family Based Treatment program through Riley Child Psychiatry provides care for children and caregivers with concern for depression, anxiety, ADHD and behavior problems. The collaborative team of providers offer evidence-based therapy and medication management for children and caregivers in the same location. The mission of the program is to improve treatment outcomes for children and caregivers by reducing the burden and challenges families face when seeking and coordinating treatment.

The program is designed for families with both:

  • Caregivers who have concerns for depression and/or anxiety
  • Children with concerns for anxiety, depression, ADHD, and/or behavior problems

What to Expect

A family-based assessment will be performed at the intake visit to determine if this program would work well for your family. If the program seems to be a good fit, evidence-based treatments for caregivers and children, including cognitive behavioral therapy and parent management training, will be arranged with sessions scheduled every one to two weeks. If needed, medications could be prescribed by a psychiatrist for the caregiver and/or child. The program typically lasts 6–9 months with treatments becoming less frequent with time.


Families may be eligible to participate in a clinical research study taking place through the Family Based Treatment program. The study hopes to learn more about the benefits of the this model for youth and their families through a randomized controlled study. Interested in learning more about the study? Contact the Yoder Lab at 317-278-0503 or

Email the Yoder Lab

Need a Family Assessment?

For more information about the Family Based Treatment program, contact Riley Child Psychiatry at 317-944-8162.

Meet the Team

9301-Yoder, Rachel

Rachel B. Yoder, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

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23076-Hord, Melissa

Melissa K. Hord, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

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Lindsey Noble, LCSW

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Valerie Wyant, LCSW