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Psychological Assessment Research Initiative

Psychiatry Residency CurriculumOne of the greatest challenges in diagnosing and treating childhood psychological disorders is the need for better assessment methods, including psychological tests. The Psychological Assessment Research Initiative (PARI) develops new, accurate psychological tests that can be used by clinical and research groups worldwide to improve the assessment of children’s abilities and behavior.

The newly developed tests provide rapid assessment of abilities and behaviors related to attention, concentration, executive functioning, language, learning and intelligence. Tests that are currently in use include the Learning, Executive and Attention Functioning (LEAF) scale, Conduct-Hyperactive-Attention-Oppositional Symptom (CHAOS) scale and Outburst Monitoring Scale (OMS). The Psychological Assessment Research Initiative’s tests at Indiana University School of Medicine have been requested by professional groups across the United States and throughout the world.

8 percent of children in the US with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
10 percent of children in the US with a reading disorder or dyslexia

Project Director

13615-Kronenberger, William

William G. Kronenberger, PhD

Arthur B. Richter Professor of Child Psychiatry

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