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Community Outreach Simulation Program


The IU School of Medicine Community Outreach Simulation Program strives to improve outcomes of newborns requiring resuscitation and stabilization by providing onsite simulation-based education to delivery room resuscitation teams. The program also addresses stabilization issues beyond the delivery room. Each educational program is tailored to the needs of the participants. Training is geared toward multi-professional resuscitation teams in their own environment. The use of high-fidelity mannequins allows teams to refine and refresh skills in a realistic way with no risk to patients.

As Real As It Gets Without the Risk

The Outreach Team is a multi-professional group of MDs, RNs and respiratory therapists who bring equipment to conduct simulated medical experiences, including high-fidelity mannequins, task trainers, and audio/video recording and playback devices. Several high-risk delivery room scenarios and skills stations are conducted. Particular emphasis is placed on delivery room technical skills, communication in a crisis situation, utilization of available resources, and stabilization and management of critically ill newborns until arrival of tertiary care transport teams if transfer is necessary.

Other educational services provided by the Outreach Team include the Neonatal Resuscitation Program, which offers mentorship for new NRP instructors and integrated skills sessions for completion of NRP provider requirements, and Simulation Education Instructor Course, which trains health care providers in simulation education skills, including debriefing and simulation program development

Awards and Recognition

This Neonatal-Perinatal program is funded by multiple grant sources, including IU Health Values Award for Education, March of Dimes Community Grant Award, and Association of Pediatric Program Directors Research Grant. Awards include Indiana Emergency Medical Services for Children 2014 Health Care Hero Award and 2014 Indiana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Award for Advancing the Care of Newborns (Bobbi Byrne, MD, Outreach Director) as well as 2015 Indy Star Salute to Nurses: Nurse Educator of the Year Award (Lisa Mayer – Lead Educator).