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Recent Graduates

We salute our past resident classes who prove highly successful in obtaining nationwide fellowship, academic and private practice opportunities after graduation.


Class of 2022

Samuel Capouch, MD

Avinash Kaur, DO

Kathryn Kleine, DO

Holly Laub Brown, DO

Ashley Miller, DO

Jamal Mohamud, DO

Lauren Schmidt, MD

Yang Yu, MD

Class of 2022

Arooj Ahmad, MD

Divya Chauhan, MD

Josh East, MD

Steve Erickson, MD

Katie Hutchins, MD

Svetlana Kovaleva, DO

Mary Moellering, MD

Chelsea Schmoll, DO

Class of 2021

Yohance Allette, MD

Chris Hill, MD

Alex Karel, MD

Namratha Sandella, MD

Zade Shaw, MD

Jennifer Siriwardane, MD

Blair Skinner, MD

Class of 2020

Kiesha N. Anderson, DO

Megan E. Bill, DO

Kyle J. Coleman, MD

Haley N. Phillips, MD

Steven M. Phillips, DO

Stefanie J. Rodenbeck, MD

Sara M. Takacs, MD