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The Pediatric Neurogenetics program in the Department of Neurology at Indiana University School of Medicine specializes in the diagnosis of neurological disorders via clinical evaluation and expanded genetic testing, particularly next generation and whole exome sequencing. The clinic at Riley Hospital for Children, staffed by a pediatric neurogeneticist, genetic counselor, and a neurodevelopmental pediatrician, facilitates treatment of those disorders for which interventions are available. Given the exponential progress made in the diagnosis and, in some cases, treatment of genetic disease, expansion of genetic services is a vital and ongoing part of the section.

Adult Neurofibromatosis Program


Laurence E. Walsh, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology

Celanie K. Christensen, MS, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

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To schedule an appointment with a pediatric neurologist, call Riley Hospital for Children at 317-948-7450 or search the Riley Find a Doctor portal.

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