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MedNeuro students

Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program

Stark Neurosciences Research Institute administers the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, a nationally and internationally prominent research institution whose research strengths encompass all areas of modern science and medicine. The institute is an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary entity that conducts broad-based research and provides a range of training opportunities in the neurosciences. Graduates of the program are well-equipped for successful careers at academic/research institutions or non-academic positions, such as public policy, pharmacology and medical private practice. 

Apply for Training

PhD Admissions for IU School of Medicine are processed through the IBMG Program. MD/PhD Admissions are available through the Medical Scientist Training Program.

PhD Training

MD/PhD Training


MedNeuro Program

Students in the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program undertake a core curriculum that encompasses multiple levels of study, including molecular mechanisms, cells, systems, behavior, translational neuroscience and diseases of the nervous system.

PhD program

PhD Training

Students in the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program pursuing a PhD have the freedom to explore several research areas through various lab rotations.

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Neurocience technology

MD/PhD Training

Physician-scientist students on the MD/PhD track at IU School of Medicine can earn a PhD through the Medical Neuroscience program at Stark Neurosciences Research Institute.
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Woman in lab doing research

Medical Neuroscience Minor

To be admitted to the PhD minor in Medical Neuroscience, you must be a currently-enrolled doctoral student in good academic standing in any IU or IUPUI school.

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Student life

Student Life

Students in the neuroscience graduate program can access support and resources through IU School of Medicine and Stark Neurosciences Research Institute.

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med neuro program

Student Spotlight

Students in the Medical Neurosciences Graduate Program share about their current projects, faculty mentors, hobbies and accolades from their studies.

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Message from the Directors

Hear about the benefits and expectations of the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program from Co-Directors Karmen Yoder, PhD, and Gary Landreth, PhD.

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44 students in the Medical Neurosciences Graduate Program
5.5 years on average to earn a PhD through the graduate program
75+ faculty investigators collaborate in the education experience

Learning Environment

More than 75 faculty members are associated with Stark Neurosciences Research Institute, and these researchers’ interests span the breadth of the neurosciences—basic molecular topics through applied sciences aimed at understanding diseases and solving clinical problems. These accomplished clinicians and investigators are members of the basic and clinical sciences departments in the IU School of Medicine and IUPUI. Stark Neurosciences Research Institute houses research groups focused broadly on the biology of the nervous system with a focus on its disorders, disease, injury and repair. These programs have an emphasis on translation of basic science advances into new therapies.

The training environment includes strong faculty-student interactions and strong cross department-discipline interactions. This program facilitates a collaborative culture—a vital component of today’s interdisciplinary nature of biomedical science research. The Stark Neurosciences Research Institute training facility is located in a state-of-the-art research building, which is adjacent to the clinical neuroscience departments.

Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program Contacts

27243-Landreth, Gary

Gary E. Landreth, PhD

Martin Professor of Alzheimer's Research

Co-Director of MedNeuro Program

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rene baugh

Rene Baugh

Education Programs Coordinator


6553-Yoder, Karmen

Karmen K. Yoder, PhD

Professor of Radiology & Imaging Sciences

Co-Director of MedNeuro Program

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