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Medical Neuroscience Minor

The Medical Neuroscience minor through the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program at Stark Neurosciences Research Institute consists of 12 credit hours. A minimum of six credit hours must be neuroscience-focused, including, but not limited to, neuroscience courses supported by the Medical Neuroscience Program, as well as other neuroscience and brain-related courses offered within Indiana University School of Medicine and IUPUI.


Admission Requirements

Students in other IU School of Medicine or IUPUI graduate programs may select a minor in Medical Neuroscience.

Plan of Study

No required courses. Students without any didactic neuroscience exposure are strongly encouraged to take Foundations of Neuroscience (GRDM-G780). As new neuroscience courses become available, they may be considered for credit toward the minor. The Medical Neuroscience Training and Advisory Committee must approve any additional courses not present on this list. Courses used for a student’s PhD minor cannot also be used towards the PhD major, and vice versa. This PhD minor does not require a qualifying exam.

  • Courses Offered
    • GRDM-G780 Foundations of Neuroscience (6 cr.)
    • GRDM-G743 Fundamental Neuroscience I: Electrical Signaling and Ion Channel Biology (2)
    • MNEU-N880 Advanced Topics in Medical Neuroscience Courses (2)     
      • Principles of Neuroinflammation
      • Experimental Methods and Animal Models for Neuroscience Disorders
      • Synaptic Plasticity in the Central Nervous System
    • ANAT-D527 Neuroanatomy: Contemporary and Translational (3)
    • GRDM-G745 Fundamentals of Intracellular Signal Transduction (1-2)
    • BIOL-54410 Sensory systems (3)
    • BIOL-56010 Clinical and molecular aspects of neurodegenerative diseases (3)
    • BIOL-57100 Developmental neurobiology (3)
    • PSY-51800 Memory & cognition (3)
    • PSY-61500 Introduction to behavioral neuroscience (3)
    • PSY-62200 Animal learning (3)
    • PSY-I 535 Clinical neuroscience (3)
    • PSY-I 545 Psychopharmacology (3)
    • PSY-I 650 Developmental psychology (3)
    • GRDM-G715 Biomedical Science I. Biochemical Basis of Biological Processes (3)
    • GRDM-G716 Biomedical Science II. Molecular Biology and Genetics (3)
    • GRDM-G717 Biomedical Science III. Cellular Basis of Systems Biology (3)

Medical Neuroscience Minor Contacts

22184-Oblak, Adrian

Adrian L. Oblak, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiology & Imaging Sciences

Read Bio Adrian L. Oblak, PhD

Rene Baugh

Education Programs Manager