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neurosciences research building

Neuroscience Education, Training

Neuroscience education and training at IU School of Medicine, administered by Stark Neurosciences Research Institute provides interdepartmental, interdisciplinary instruction and learning with a variety of broad-based research efforts and training opportunities across the spectrum of the neuroscience specialty. Programming includes the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program, postdoctoral research and undergraduate training.

Faculty associated with education programs and research laboratories collaborate to prepare students and postdocs to become future leaders in the exploration and understanding of the nervous system. The interests of teaching faculty represent a spectrum of neuroscience diseases and conditions, including animal models of anxiety disorders, the neurobiology and genetics of alcoholism and addictive behaviors, Alzheimer’s disease, stem cell biology, autism and neuroimmune disorders.


For more information about Neuroscience education and training at Stark Neurosciences Research Institute, contact Rene Baugh, education programs coordinator.


med neuro program

MedNeuro Graduate Program

The Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program provides advanced study for academic, research, and industry careers in neuroscience, translating basic science discoveries into clinical practice.
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summer symposium

Undergraduate Training

The Medical Neuroscience Undergraduate Summer Research Program is a nine-week program focused on developing and fostering research skills in the field of neuroscience.
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postdoc life

Postdoctoral Training

Postdoctoral trainees at Stark Neurosciences Research Institute work alongside researchers who specialize in numerous neuroscience-related fields.

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