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Medical Neuroscience — PhD 

The Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program works in conjunction with the Indiana Biomedical Gateway (IBMG) program, which consists of a shared first-year experience for all biomedical science PhD students. Students enter the full MedNeuro curriculum during the second year of the program. The core course—G780 Foundations of Neuroscience—is offered each spring semester and should be taken during the first year of coursework. Additional coursework includes rotations, a required minor and electives that are relevant to the final thesis work. Each student has a mentor (major advisor) and an advisory committee to assist in creation of a personalized curriculum that supports the planned thesis work.

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PhD Admissions for an IU School of Medicine program are processed through the IBMG Program.

PhD Admissions


Admission to the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program is processed through a common open enrollment-gateway system called the Indiana BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) Program.
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Students in Medical Neuroscience have the freedom to explore several research areas through three rotations in laboratories within the program and across programs during their first year.
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