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Flow Cytometry Core

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility offers state-of-the-art flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting for Stark Neurosciences Research Institute-affiliated researchers. Several thousand cells can be analyzed and processed using the equipment in a minute.

What can the Core do for you?

  • Prepare and maintain the equipment for users performing FACS or flow cytometry.
  • Provides sorting and cleaning chips required for sorting. 
  • Provide calibration beads for both instruments.
  • Calibrate lasers and set up the BDLSR Fortessa-X20 prior to experiments. 

Equipment and Pricing:

  • BD LSR Fortessa X-20 Flow cytometer: $56 per hour
  • Sony MA900 multi-application cell sorter: $35 per hour

core leadership
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Jeff Recchia-Rife

Core Lab Manager

Request Services

Contact Jeffrey Recchia-Rife, core lab manager, for information about flow cytometry core scheduling and equipment. IU employees can access more information about the core on the SNRI Intranet.


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