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Microscopy Core

The microscopy core provides access to state-of-art microscope equipment for Stark Neurosciences Research Institute-affiliated members. The core equipment is offered at a rate of $25 per hour for institute members.


  • Nikon AIR Confocal with OKO incubator stage
  • Prairie Technologies-Olympus multi-photon Confocal
  • Applied Precision Deltavision deconvolution fluorescence microscope with incubator stage
  • Leica-based Neurolucida microscopy system
  • Leica DMIRB and Leica DM6000 fluorescence microscopes
  • Nikon Confocal Analysis Workstation with 3D deconvolution and General Analysis modules

Core Leadership

Phillip Kunkler

Phillip Kunkler

Core Lab Manager

Request Service

Contact Phillip Kunkler, core lab manager, for information about microscopy core scheduling and equipment.