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Electrophysiology Core

The Electrophysiology Core provides brain slice recordings for Stark Neurosciences Research Institute investigators and affiliated members. Services include data collection and data analysis. A quote for the price of services in this Core will be provided after your request is reviewed.


Available Services

  • Synaptic plasticity
  • Basal neurotransmission
  • Cellular excitability/membrane properties
  • Optogenetics
  • Chemogenetics (DREADDs)
  • Pharmacological responses
  • Ion channel function
  • Electrophysiological assessments of animal models

Request Services

In need of services at the Electrophysiology Core? Submit this request form.

Request Form

Core Staff

Contact Brady Atwood with questions about services and for letters of support.

Contact Tammy Fajfer with questions about fees and scheduling.


18765-Atwood, Brady

Brady K. Atwood, PhD

Core Director


47636-Viana Di Prisco, Gonzalo

Gonzalo Viana Di Prisco, MS, PhD, MD

Senior Scientist


Taylor Pennington



Tammy Fajfer

Core Manager