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Current Fellows

Current fellows
64745-Rajadhyaksha, Evan

Evan Rajadhyaksha, MD

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Medical School: University of Virginia
Residency: University of Virginia
Hobbies: squishing my tiny pup, reading/audiobooks, cooking, yoga and rec sports

Research Interests: I’m interested in basic science research focused on nephro-immunology. Riley and our program have amazing resources and supports for basic science research! My main fellowship project is focused on the relationship between vitamin D status and the production of antimicrobial peptides/immune response in the kidney tubules.

Why Pediatric Nephrology?: I love the variety of nephrology – it makes it feel like you get to be everywhere and do everything, so every day is exciting. The ranges of complexity and illness severity in our patients are enormous.

Why IU/Riley?: The environment at Riley is so special, which makes it hard to describe! There is a spirit of collaboration and teamwork that is unique to this group and veritably fun. The opportunities for basic science and translational research are outstanding, and with phenomenal mentors. In the end, I chose Riley because it is where I felt like I was home.

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