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Center for HPV Research

The Center for HPV Research improves understanding of HPV transmission and infection, prevention of and screening for HPV infection and HPV disease, and the health consequences of HPV infection.

Members represent a multidisciplinary group of researchers from medicine, public health policy and community engagement, health communication, psychology and epidemiology. 

Under the leadership of  Gregory Zimet, PhD, and Rachel Katzenellenbogen, MD, the Center for HPV Research fosters cohesion and collaboration among investigators pursuing HPV-related research.

The center includes faculty and trainees from IUPUI, IU Bloomington, Purdue University, University of Notre Dame, and Indiana State University, and nine schools within those institutions. Research by center members ranges from basic mechanistic research in the pathology of HPV to public health and health science research and community advocacy and outreach work, enabling unique opportunities for cross-disciplinary team science. 

The center includes more than 40 research members that meet on a quarterly basis.

Faculty Spotlight

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20638-Androphy, Elliot

Elliot J. Androphy, MD

Professor of Dermatology

Dr. Androphy’s research interests include studies of viral replication and pathogenesis, and the development of novel antiviral drugs.

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21731-Rietz, Anne

Anne Rietz, MSC, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Dermatology

Dr. Rietz investigates the design, characterization, and testing of novel HPV inhibitors as therapeutics agents.

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Natalia Rodriguez, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Natalia will give a presentation at the February quarterly meeting titled: Human-centered design of an HPV rapid test for cervical cancer screening in underserved populations

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